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Vikram Mehta

CEO, VastEdge Inc.

He is a well-known business transformation leader with proven expertise in success leveraging technology to drive tactical and rapid ROI for multi-billion dollar organizations. He has been providing application and cloud consulting services to various business organizations that are functional in the area of ERP, Analytics, CRM, Mobile Technology and Hybrid Cloud. He has held various prestigious positions in the leading companies like Apple, Hewlett Packard, Bearing Point - KPMG, and TCS.

Rina Panigrahy


Rina has an obvious talent for research and he holds an established record of 50+ patents licensed to his name in the field of algorithm design and computing. His previous tenure as a scientist at Microsoft where he worked on various applied and theoretical algorithms, demonstrates his deep understanding of high dimensional search and machine learning. During 1998 ?006, he was Senior Software Engineer at Cisco Systems.

His remarkable achievements in the world of academia depict his talent and eye for a high goal to achieve success in life. He cracked the most prestigious IIT-JEE examination with flying colors and grabbed the top position all over India. By this virtue, he was able to earn his degree of Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from IIT Bombay in 1995. Even then, Rina didn?pause for a breath and a master degree from world- renowned MIT earned wings to his academic success in 1997. Setting a focused sight on a PhD, he completed his radical research onbig data computingcentered onHashing, Searching, and Sketching in 2006 from Stanford. His research interest converges on improving the design and implementation of algorithms for several problems related to networking, social search, web graph analysis, and content delivery services.


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