Why Vast Edge for App Development

Since 2004, Vast Edge has been assisting 100+ companies ranging from Fortune 50 to small business deliver complex application development on time without compromising quality. Vast Edge is a certified Oracle managed service provider, cloud select, a velocity partner and was featured in Forbes for deploying innovations solutions in record time. Here are some of the key differentiators on why you should consider Vast Edge for your application development needs

Business Mindset for Customer Success - At Vast Edge, we have senior resources with industry experience to understand your requirements and develop applications that exactly fulfill your business needs. Vast Edge has developed applications for retail, oil & gas, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, finance, construction, and adtech companies.
Proven Tools to Mitigate risks - Vast Edge gives highest priority to maintain customer business continuity. Hence, these proven tools and experienced resources increase project success rates resulting in reduced costs and faster time to deliver applications. In addition to proven tools, Vast Edge leverages proven reference architectures to deliver enterprise class scalable software that meets high industry SLA's with upto 15 minutes RTO's and 30 minutes RPO's.
Agile Methodology - Vast Edge gives highest priority to maintain customer business continuity. Hence, these proven tools and experienced resources increase project success rates resulting in reduced costs and faster time to deliver applications. Vast Edge has experienced engineers with an average of 15 years of work experience.
Autonomous Platform - In order to meet high SLA's, Vast Edge has been using autonomous products that guarantee 99.995% SLA as well as cut through technologies such as dockers, Kubernetes, terraform, ansible, Jenkins, etc. As an example, Oracle autonomous database has proven for us to cut management costs, provide extremely fast performance, and reduce deployment times.
One Stop Shop - Vast Edge offers a full breadth of services to avoid finger pointing and to reduce product management efforts. Vast Edge is a cloud managed services provider and can also help you reduce your cloud bills by up to 50%. Vast Edge has knowledge of various cloud platforms from Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Azure, AWS, to IBM.
Compliance & Security - Vast Edge has served federal customers such as FBI, CBP, US Navy, and always puts security first for all projects. Starting with dual factor authentication at cloud account and OS level to data encryption and maintaining separate environments with strict policies for developers, testers, and operations; Vast Edge covers all aspects of security. Vast Edge always uses HIPAA, PCI, and SOC2 compliant data centers in addition to data encryption and data transcoding to hide sensitive data that can only be unlocked by authorized personnel using mobile device authentication methods.

App Development Strategy

As we are all aware, businesses have been moving towards proven and ready to use pluggable app modules to reduce risks and save time & costs. These app modules can either be deployed right out-of-the-box with the REST APIs or can be extended to integrate with existing in-house applications. Vast Edge has been helping organizations save thousands of dollars by deploying these white label apps that span across business functions and industry verticals. Based on several past deployments, the custom code development for pluggable apps ranges from 5% to 40% depending on the additional efforts required such as for UI enhancement, feature extension, or building integration adapters. These app modules are available in multiple programming languages and platforms and have been thoroughly tested by following black box and destructive testing process.

Pluggable Application Modules

Vast Edge provides an entire suite of pluggable application modules ranging from very small snippets to independent standalone applications. These pre-built applications have been developed using an enterprise grade platform from Oracle with some open-source components such as java, .net, node.js, angular.js and react.js. Some examples of applications available by Vast Edge include field management, IoT simulators, IoT configurators, IoT analytics, connected health, connected gas analytics, connected worker safety, project management, chatbots, voice to text, text to voice, ecommerce platforms, content management platforms, NetSuite audit trail, coupon and deal calculators, and ASC 606 modules.

Web Application Development

Vast Edge has development 50+ large scale applications for Fortune 50 companies and hundreds of other smaller application deployments for smaller companies that include ecommerce, content management, websites, chatbots, voice-bots, video streaming, social media aggregation and analytics, shopping content sites, and mini-ERP like applications. In order to make the applications expandable and usable, Vast Edge adopts a modular approach with multi-device responsive design. These applications are also developed with the option to add multitenancy, dockerization, multi-language support at a slightly additional cost. As desired by some customers, we also add blockchain feature to certain modules where transactions can only be added to a chain and can’t be updated or deleted with special security rules to allow access to external entities.

Mobile Application Development

Vast Edge excels in mobile application development by building apps natively and by leveraging mobile SDK to expedite app development. For those who are unaware of native app development, native apps offer richer features, are easily upgradable to newer releases, and are relatively faster. Some of the key features deployed by Vast Edge while delivering 50+ mobile applications include geo location intelligence, messaging, chatbots, uber like scheduling, NLP, voice and video calling, group chats, event management, push notifications, social media app integration, firebase, oracle digital assistant, google maps integration, ERP integration, IoT sensor alarms, ecommerce group shopping, displaying graphs, augmented reality (image overlays), etc. Vast Edge has extensive IOS and Android application development experience with local data caching, REST and SOAP API integration with backend database and writing intelligent middleware code to make the mobile apps smarter. Vast Edge has also developed adapters that integrate mobile apps with enterprise class ERP systems such as Oracle and NetSuite. Some of the social media integration experience includes WhatsApp, Facebook, slack, LinkedIn, Pinterest, twitter, telegram, and Instagram. Here are some of the differentiators on why you should select Vast Edge for your mobile app development

Business Value not just Screens - Vast Edge has been developing mobile apps with rich backend programs to support smart business logic. Since the mobile apps work independently as well when offline, the data must be stored locally and synced to the backend. This also requires security access rules to be embedded on the server as well as the local mobile apps.

Rich UI / UX design experience - One of our key differentiators is the modernized UI/UX design experience that we have developed over the years to make the application more usable. Vast Edge also has experience implementing multiple design screens for A/B testing. The apps for iPhone and iPads are designed and developed keeping the screen real estate in mind to provide much better user experience. Some of the breath-taking features of modernized UI designs by Vast Edge include adding contrasting shifted back drops, timed slow release of content to give curtain effects, adding sheers on text to show multi layered depth effect, scroll features with non-annoying small arrows that have a subtle ping effect, slide let/right/top/bottom effects, tap and hold, and double tap effects. We also have some facial projects in progress to capture emotions for online dispute resolution mobile application. Needless to say, our mobile apps are developed and designed to be responsive across screen sizes and software versions.

Fully functional and scalable apps - the mobile apps leverage backend business logic built in java, .NET, node and a supporting database that performs to provide a fully functional and extensible application. The apps are scalable as they leverage enterprise class backend systems.

Pluggable mobile API's - Vast Edge has 50+ pluggable APIs and SDKs to make mobile development and deployment easy and cost effective in addition to saving build time. In addition to API's and SDK's, Vast Edge has pre-designed mobile app gestures and event triggers that make the apps smarter and flexible.

Last but not the least, Vast Edge has been very successful in building simulator apps to assist with product design engineering, testing, training, as well as for remote troubleshooting.

About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

Founded in the year 2004, Vast Edge is a leading IT Consulting Company and Global Service provider of Business Intelligence, big data analytics, cloud ERP, IoT platform, enterprise backup, and disaster recovery, Blockchain, Cassandra, AI/ML, and Integration solutions. We perform Application modernization, follow continuous change management, and implement advanced practices while working on the key areas of enhancing methodologies of project development.

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