Athena Cloud Integrated Healthcare Data Integration Services

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Athena Cloud Integrated Healthcare Services

Athena assists healthcare businesses in checking patient eligibility, managing claims and ease out complex processes. It also helps them in managing clinical business practices without requiring a start-up fee or additional services charges. Athena’s web-based application easily handles and fastens all paid processes and relieves administration and staff from their routine task burden.

Why Vast Edge for Athena Cloud Integration? ?

Vast Edge secures and enhances the accessibility of all the information regarding patients, insurance and clinical procedures by bringing the architecture to the cloud. Athena’s cloud integration by Vast Edge ensures that healthcare services have easy access to the documents so that patients can leverage quality services and federal care programs. Out comprehensive suite includes:


Claim Management

Athena Claim Management enhances resolution rate up to 93% by removing claim errors.


Revenue Cycle Dashboard

Easily access revenue cycle tasks and patient information from a single dashboard.


Appointment Scheduling

Athena deploys appointment scheduling tools to optimize patient appointments and remind them automatically.


Patient Check-in

Easily collect patient payment at the time of service and verify their real-time eligibility.

Athena Software Integration by Vast Edge

Vast Edge integration services leverage industry-standard SLAs to ensure timely delivery of products. Along with that, our services are free to use and does not require extra charges for adding servers, licenses and software upgrades. Our integration services include:

NetSuite : Vast Edge’s NetSuite integration offers cloud ERP solution that efficiently manages complexities of medical device businesses and enables them to take timely decisions across the entire enterprise. It also helps accelerates financial consolidation and visibility while seamlessly handling different currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements. The Athena-integrated solution from NetSuite configures industry-needed healthcare processes, workflows and reporting, and facilitates compliance with internal controls and real-time accurate reporting.

SAP : SAP provides value-based & patient-centred services. It helps automate healthcare processes, make data-driven decisions, and empowers employees to work easily. The SAP-Athena healthcare solution provides the best care to patients, promotes patient engagement and optimizes clinical outcomes with mobile self-service processes. The key capabilities with SAP integration for healthcare services are:

  • Simplified Big Data analytics through enhanced data sources
  • Broader patient self-service offering
  • Improved administration and monitoring of multiple data sources

QuickBooks : QuickBooks assists healthcare businesses by administering and enhancing their accounting abilities, dealing with tabs, itemizing results and keeping their books careful. It allows healthcare experts to keep their medical assets in check and provides a productive bookkeeping framework for leveraging precise end-goals on medicinal practices. The QuickBooks healthcare support deploys medicinal expense gatherings and exposes accessible information to experts about uncommon therapeutic ventures and assets.

Oracle : Oracle Athena healthcare solution by Vast Edge enables patients to leverage cloud technologies for driving innovation, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. It deploys a healthcare analytics platform to improve care and minimize cost and allows experts to discover new insights and make better-informed decisions faster. The Oracle-Athena integrated healthcare solution builds, deploys and manages healthcare cloud applications more efficiently to improve the patient experience with relevant data-driven insights. Additionally, it allows the real-time exchange of patient information to enable better decisions and results in better quality care.

Athena Services by Vast Edge

Athena Patient Communicator : Athena Patient Communicator creates email or messaging interaction doctor and patients to be nursed. It helps patients to schedule or cancel their appointments, make payments online at their convenience and leverage follow-up care from experts. It leverages a 24x7 hours patient care service via email or message and allows a soft collection process for patient debts.

AthenaIDX : Vast Edge’s AthenaIDX offers you a proactive service to address the issue before they arise, speed up the revenue cycle and reduce days in A/R. It creates a cost-effective route helping your business to grow by increasing automation and fostering best practices. The cloud-hosted enterprise healthcare solution helps health systems, hospitals, billing services, and large practices to optimize financial performance and successfully adapt to healthcare payment reform.

Athena Epocrates : Athena Epocrates offers access to the most current safety measures, diagnostic and treatment information, and enables doctors to focus on health-related issues. It explores hundreds of medical calculators and consults peer-reviewed evidence-based diagnostic and disease guidance. Athena Epocrates deploys medical instant decision support to access in-moment care knowledge and covers care beneficial interaction over care prescriptions, counter drugs, and herbs.

Athena Care Coordination : Athena Care Coordination delivers easy and efficient care communication and collaboration in-between internal and external care teams with a single network connection. It deploys lab results and patient charts for data transparency using simpler order management. The Athena Coordinator core minimizes distractions for clean, legible orders to reduce the need for follow-up.

Patient Portal : Patient Portal allows patients to update their information, leverage a secure messaging and creates a safe touch in-between patients and medical staff. Also, it invites patients for filling medical forms easily, updating health information and making online payments. The Dentrix Patient Portal leverages a simple secure messaging service that delivers enhanced patient experience by protecting confidential information.

Practice Marketing : Practice Marketing helps you maximize your marketing dollars and allows you to receive a greater return on investment with online tools. It automates email campaigns, review requests, website optimization and other marketing tactics.

About Vast Edge Certified Cloud MSP

Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle services including ERP implementation, integrations, migrations, data analytics, and application development. Vast Edge was recently recognized as the top velocity partner and is also a certified Oracle cloud select managed services provider. Visit our website to obtain more information about services and resources.


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