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We offer enterprise grade hybrid cloud services that empower organizations with the tools to attenuate data loss during data center migration. Including the most solicited Amazon's AWS, IBM's Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, and alike; VastEdge hybrid cloud services ensure secure data center automation to attain optimized on-premise and cloud infrastructure. Gaining a competitive advantage in the technology market, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure lead the IaaS segment for their powerful yet competent cloud capabilities.


Amazon Web Services or AWS is considered as the backbone of IT infrastructure services. AWS benefits SMBs and large enterprises to scale up their business with lower TCO. It is empowering businesses across the globe to focus more on innovation rather getting fretful with infrastructure complexities.
Amazon Web Services offers a massive global cloud infrastructure with a low-cost and scalable cloud platform. With the AWS Cloud, businesses can now instantly spin up several thousands of servers in few minutes and deliver quick results.

AWS Solutions

Computing Services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is Amazon's powerful web service that provides web-scale cloud computing capacity. EC2 web service interface makes it easier for the developers to build failure resilient applications and have entire control over the computing resources to configure new server instances within minutes.
AWS Lambda on the other hand, offers pay-as-you-go pricing for virtually any backend services or applications without incurring up-front expenses. Lambda scales up data availability to run the code with automatic triggering functionality.

Storage and Replication

Amazon S3 is easy to use, reliable cloud storage, with a comprehensive web service interface that helps in storing and retrieving big volume of data without any setup cost. Amazon EBS offers durable and automatic replication of storage volumes in the AWS Cloud that can be used with the instances generated by EC2.

Content Delivery

With AWS Storage Gateway service, companies can connect their on-premise applications to cloud based storage with AWS industry-standard storage protocols. This assists in seamless integration of existing enterprise IT infrastructure with AWS Cloud.

Enterprise Applications

Amazon WorkSpaces is a complete package of secure desktop computing services that run on AWS cloud. This allows AWS Management Console Users can instantly access the required documents, and other application resources from any AWS supported device.
The other two, Amazon WorkDocs and Amazon WorkMail provide stakeholders with an ability to integrate their AWS applications with the existing corporate directories. This offers flexible approach to access email accounts on Microsoft Outlook, web browser, or native mobile email applications.

Database and Networking

Amazon DynamoDB is a flexible, fully managed, NoSQL cloud database service that supports all web and mobile applications (gaming, ad tech, IoT, and many more) with a latency scale of single-digit millisecond.
AWS DirectConnect establishes a dedicated connectivity between AWS Direct Connect locations and enterprise datacenter. This enhances bandwidth throughput by reducing network costs, and provides a reliable, consistent network experience.

Mobile Services

With Amazon Cognito, you can easily update your web and mobile applications with new user sign-up and sign-in. It offers offline access and authentication services to verify users through Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, or any private identity system.
AWS Mobile Hub is another AWS product that offers a single, integrated console to perform configuration and testing of applications on analytics dashboards as well as real devices to track usage of mobile applications.
Apart from this, AWS offers a comprehensive cloud platform for IoT Analytics, application services and data security management. AWS has its data centers located in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia that assist its business customers across all industries with industry-recognized agile technology solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a versatile cloud computing infrastructure that facilitates application deployment and management services. Through a vast network of Microsoft-managed data centers, Azure is capable to capacitate several third party as well as Microsoft owned software suite that are deployed to manage programming languages, framework tools, and other system resources.
Microsoft Azure is a fully managed platform that leverages IaaS and PaaS cloud services. With 34 data centers located across the world, Azure services are benefiting eighty five percent of the Fortune 500 companies. Beginning from analytics to storage and networking, database and mobile services; business organizations can monetize unprecedented saving opportunities using Azure and thrive to stamp a high brand recognition in the market.

Azure Solutions


Azure Container Service (ACS) makes use of open source technologies and orchestration tools to facilitate enterprise-grade features of Azure for container hosting environment. It lets the users to easily build, configure, and manage a cluster of preconfigured virtual machines that run containerized applications.
Customize what you want to build with Container Service API endpoints. Choose between Docker Swarm and DC/OS to migrate the container units on Azure.


Azure Storage offers high availability of global storage volumes. This follows a flexible pricing model to let customers access their storage space and pay only for the part of volume they are using. Using Azure SSE makes Azure Storage able to perform automatic encryption as well as decryption of data. The whole process of cryptography is completely visible to the user. age Gateway service, companies can connect their on-premise applications to cloud based storage with AWS industry-standard storage protocols. This assists in seamless integration of existing enterprise IT infrastructure with AWS Cloud.

Web and Mobile

Build engaging mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows with Azure App Services. Azure Notification Hubs offers a scalable engine that quickly sends millions of push notifications to supported mobile devices. Users can tailor and broadcast personalized notifications across any platform. They can also access data in offline mode and connect to on-premise resources within minutes.

Machine Learning and Analytics

Cortana Intelligence Suite comprises of services including information management, big data stores, data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization. These services use Microsoft Azure tools like Azure Event Hubs, Azure HDInsight, Azure Data Catalog, and Power BI. Azure Cognitive services offers learning environment to activate natural and contextual interaction within the mobile applications.


Realize the blazing fast NoSQL service for globally available distributed applications. With Azure DocumentDB, you can now take utmost advantage of JavaScript and SQL with limitless throughput scaling option. DocumentDB ensures low latency period for replicating data at global scale and works incompliance with ISO latest industry standards.


Azure DNS and Azure ExpressRoute form a powerful segment of Azure service framework. These two outlay accelerated DNS queries and management of DNS records. While Azure DNS helps in seamless integration of Azure-based services with corresponding DNS updates, Azure ExpressRoute provides secure connectivity between Azure datacenters and on-premise infrastructure.

Backup and Recovery

Azure Backup is a powerful cloud based backup alternative that offers provisioning of data retention for up to 99 years and shorter recovery time in case of disaster. Integration of Azure Backup with Azure Site Recovery in Azure Portal minimizes maintenance cost and increases efficiency of consistent tools to recover and backup data. Azure Backup and Recovery solutions provide unified approach for application availability and data protection.
Besides these, Azure Service Suite also includes tools and resources for media analytics, IoT, enterprise IT integration, operations management, security and identity management. Gartner has ranked Microsoft at the top in its Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services.