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AWS Cloud Migration: Hybrid Data Migration, AWS Glue, and AWS Lambda

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Cloud Technology has revolutionized the trivial acuity of business scalability and performance analytics. Do you know that ''83% of enterprise workloads'' will be migrated to the cloud by the end of 2020? And, 80% of the enterprises contemplating cloud technology prefer Amazon Web Services (AWS) to aid then in their cloud journey.

Vast Edge is a certified managed service provider of AWS Cloud. Since 2004, we have been migrating enterprises, across a wide range of spectrum ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, on a successful cloud journey. Vast Edge has been mentioned in Forbes as one of the most sought-after Cloud MSP.

31% average infrastructure cost savings.
7x reduction in downtime.
24*7 availability with automated monitoring.
62% productivity boost in IT staffing.

Vast Edge's Expertise in AWS Migration:

As a valued partner of AWS, Vast Edge has experience of almost two decades when it comes to cloud migration. Harnessing the years of experience, our experts have developed a unique methodology, pre-built applications, pluggable modules, API gateway and services to simplify and accelerate your cloud journey with automated tools. Vast Edge has a team of 100+ Amazon certified experts in different tools offered by AWS like Glue, Lambda, VMware, Elasticsearch, Step Function, and others.

Applications and Workloads Migration

Vast Edge modernizes your apps leveraging the industry's most reliable infrastructure with the deepest set of services and our in-house developed pluggable modules and API gateways. While deploying AWS Cloud infrastructure, Vast Edge reduces your payback periods to 6 months and overall total cost of ownership (TCO) by 64%.

Hybrid Architecture with Multi-Cloud Support

Using Amazon EC2 for Windows Server, Vast Edge has aided businesses in extending their outreach by 5x times since 2015. With the effective utilization of AWS Cloud and API gateway, Vast Edge supports in building & running of Windows apps including Active Directory, .NET, System Center, and MS SQL Server.

Optimized Elasticsearch Offering

Vast Edge ensures that your cloud architecture gets access to all the new releases and security patch update by integrating AWS Elasticsearch. Our cloud experts instil machine learning for real-time anomaly detection on Elasticsearch data.

AWS's SDK for Python (Boto3)

While deploying native apps on cloud architecture, Vast Edge utilizes Python's SDK .i.e. Boto3 to integrate libraries, scripts and other Amazon services like DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and others.

Migration Competency

As a select AWS Cloud MSP, Vast Edge speeds up your migration faster. Besides, our experts design a training strategy to help your organization build the right cloud skills to speed up cloud adoption by up to 80%.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Our cloud experts simplify the Hybrid IT operations by using the same VMware Cloud Foundation technologies including vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vCenter Server.

AWS Cloud Data Migration:

Vast Edge understands that successful data migration is the cornerstone in the path of application deployments, analytics workflows, and machine learning innovations, therefore, follows the best practices to smoothen the cloud migration for businesses.

  • While moving data to the cloud, Vast Edge considers various use cases and the network resources before undertaking any migration strategy.
  • Vast Edge offers a wide variety of services and tools to smoothen the migration of your data sets including files, databases, machine images, and block volumes.
  • Leveraging AWS Direct Connect feature, Vast Edge establishes a dedicated network connection between your network and one of the AWS Direct Connect locations. This network, through VLANs, can further be partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces and can be reconfigured to meet growing business needs
  • With AWS Storage Gateway service, our AWS migration experts ensure that your existing apps connect to a local gateway via industry-standard protocols to store data in Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.

AWS Glue & AWS Lambda:

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) together comprises the step-wise function of sorting useful datasets from raw data which can further be harnessed to derive out meaningful insights. Vast Edge takes a unique approach in tackling the ETL problems through the peculiar implementation of AWS Glue and AWS Lambda.

  • Harnessing the computational power of AWS Glue, Vast Edge manages ETL service smoothly and ease out its usage to prepare and load data for analytics for enterprises.
  • Cloud experts at Vast Edge further orchestrate ETL jobs that involve a diverse set of technologies in an arbitrarily-complex workflow through the use of AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda.
  • Vast Edge enables enterprises to coordinate the components of distributed applications and micro services using visual workflows feature of AWS Lambda.
  • Our experts establish an effective communication network across individual components of your application tier to perform a discrete function, or task, allowing you to scale and change applications at will.

Amazon DynamoDB

Data security and integrity is a major concern for enterprises while migration their systems to the cloud. DynamoDB is a key-value and document storage space which is entrusted automated database management mechanism with built-in security. It also offers automated backup and restores along with in-memory caching for internet-scale applications. Vast Edge's expertise in Amazon DynamoDB offerings:

Scalable with Consistent Performance

Vast Edge replicates the DynamoDB global tables to replicate top-notch performance across your globally distributed applications.

Serverless Maintenance

DynamoDB offering by Vast Edge, automatically scales tables up and down to adjust for capacity and maintain performance. Our experts replace the hasty procedures of managing server, patch, or software installation to further upgrade your system's fault tolerance.

Dynamic Cost Optimization

Our AWS migration experts offer both pre-built and on-demand capacity modes to optimize your architecture's capacity per workload while following the ''pay-as-you-use'' model so that you pay only for the resources you consume.

About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

Vast Edge is a leading IT Consulting Company and Cloud MSP that offers products and services in the field of:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Big data analytics
  • Cloud ERP
  • IoT platform
  • Enterprise backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Artificial Intelligence &Machine Learning.
  • Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing cloud migration and consulting services and has assisted 70+ customers to successfully migrate to cloud technology. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of cloud-based SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ Trained Engineers and 40+Oracle Certified experts to make your cloud journey smooth and successful.

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