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Why managed Azure cloud services from Vast Edge?

Vast Edge is an approved Azure CSP with 200+ certified experts and 80+ successful migrations across various clouds. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been assisting business to optimize their operations by utilizing cutting edge technologies. Over the last several months, Vast Edge has assisted a few companies to recover from COVID by utilizing cloud technologies to move their business operations online and by leveraging predictive analytics. We have been seeing tremendous interest from several other companies to covid proof their businesses during this downturn. As we all know, Azure has emerged as the #1 cloud platform by overtaking AWS in 2019. Some of the key benefits of leveraging Azure platform include end to end solutions, $0 software costs by leveraging Azure hybrid benefits, and easy to use migration tools. In addition to Microsoft's popular Windows, MS SQL Server, Sharepoint, Dynamics, Active Directory, and .Net platforms, Azure has introduced the next generation security and IoT platforms that have been gaining momentum. Most important of all, Azure gives you the flexibility to select your preferred shape, get upto 70% discount using reserved instances and implement hybrid cloud integration to keep your on-prem investments.

Vast Edge - Azure Cloud Service Provider

Vast Edge, an Azure cloud expert advance the open-source software community and provides the effortless configuration and integration of software and apps that are already in use in many companies. Vast Edge makes the Azure Cloud an ideal deal for startups and developers looking for 24x7 monitoring, support, almost no compatibility issues and increases productivity, security and compliance.

  • As a global Azure Cloud MSP, Vast Edge offers seamless migration to Azure cloud, Predictive analytics, Scalable data warehousing, Hybrid capability, Blockchain technology, IoT integration and also the Azure cloud compatibility with Linux platforms.
  • Vast Edge leverages the built-in and ready to run server apps of Azure cloud to support a range of languages, including .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, and Python and also the three different SQL-based formats with the largest array of databases.
  • With Azure Cloud, Vast Edge offers a specific storage option - Blob Storage for unstructured and REST-based warehousing. And also enables the mass scale data storage for critical workloads with Data Lake Store.
  • Our Azure cloud experts at Vast Edge deploy Virtual Machines service and AI optimization that's in sync with all- Linux, Windows servers, SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP to make the best use of Azure cloud features and offers a hybrid model that integrates both on-premises and Azure cloud.
  • With Azure cloud Vast Edge extends the storage of on and off-premises data for businesses using both Microsoft SQL Server and cloud applications, and also offers a backup recovery system with the highest number of SQL-supported databases.
  • Vast Edge helps businesses to manage their complex workloads and make operations flexible and agile with Microsoft compatibility of Azure cloud and also offers management and business analytics benefits with Microsoft's IoT Edge, AI and machine learning tools.

Vast Edge is a global Azure cloud service provider, Oracle gold partner, a leading NetSuite SuiteLife partner, Cloud Select, MSP, and velocity designations with skills and expertise to build, deploy, run, and manage the Cloud Platform. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing cloud consulting services and has assisted 70+ customers to successfully migrate to cloud till date. Vast Edge has successfully implemented hundreds of projects with over 25 ERP projects for SMB. These projects include cloud migrations, extensions, integrations, backup, cloud Analytics and Cloud Monitoring & Support.

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About Vast Edge- Simplified Cloud Solution

Vast Edge is a leading IT Consulting Company and offers Business Intelligence, big data analytics, cloud ERP, IoT platform, enterprise backup and disaster recovery, Blockchain, AI/ML, and Integration solutions. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle consulting services and has assisted 70+ customers to successfully migrate to Oracle cloud till date. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of Oracle Storage Solutions, Oracle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ Trained Engineers and 40+ Oracle Certified experts to make your cloud journey smooth and successful.

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