Connected Health - Embracing the Power of Digital Technology in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is faced with the biggest challenge of addressing data integration across vast and varied legacy systems. A poor state data integration tool used...
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The Benefits of Digital Business Transformation Using Hybrid Cloud

A true digital business transformation necessitates a deep understanding of contextual interactivity so that customers and involved business teams get the right information in real-time even in the rapid pace of adoption. In today's...
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SuiteSuccess is the First Unified Industry Cloud Solution

SuiteSuccess is a new customer engagement model that is designed by NetSuite community for global ERP vendors who wish to improve their business efficiency and achieve faster time to value with greater customer success...

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SuiteWorld 2017 - The largest NetSuite ERP Conference

SuiteWorld is the NetSuite's largest annual ERP conference. This year's SuiteWorld mega event marks the 7th anniversary of NetSuite as a leading cloud solution provider in the global ERP industry. More than 6,000 attendees, including NetSuite...

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Succeed in Analytics Economy with Machine Learning for Business

The biggest challenge that global enterprises face today in bringing real-time business intelligence to life is the lack of analytics capabilities...
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VastEdge Training Program for Women-Owned Businesses

Women entrepreneurs have become a thriving part of the digital ecosystem with their steadily increasing presence in the world of small-business proprietorship. As per USA TODAY, CEO Mary Barra shakes up GM. ...
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Sentiment Analysis Pushes E-commerce Close to Success

Sentiment analysis of a guest's data encourages the marketing players to evaluate the text in a way that exposes the valuable checkpoints and support them to take their visitor communication experience to the next level. It enables the businesses...

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Analytics Modernization Makes Data Work For You

Analytics is becoming the foremost CIO spending preferences nowadays. Analytics modernization is like a window of opportunity to monetize while building robust data management architecture. Using modernization phenomenon enhances the business capabilities...

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Accelerate Digital Business Transformation with the Cloud

The concept of cloud is not new and it has proven a major force accelerating digital transformation for business success over the past few decades. Unlike conventional service delivery environments...
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Microsoft Azure - The Most Trusted Cloud for Modern Business

Microsoft as a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platform delivers the next-ready cloud capabilities for your company's true growth. Microsoft Azure is a growing cluster of integrated cloud services that gives freedom to the IT professionals...
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Join VastEdge Affiliate Program to Earn Revenue

Using the VastEdge affiliate program provides great opportunity to the business owners and affiliate marketers who wish to earn revenues through referral partnership. As an affiliate, you can make money advertising and selling...

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VastEdge Price Guide - The Right Product Marketing Software

To keep up with every new innovation in todaya's fast-evolving digital world, companies are encouraged to include advanced revenue management system and online purchase services to streamline backend access control...
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Top IoT Trends Shaping the Future of Digital

IoT holds a promising future for the enterprises who believe in innovating business with early adoption to interconnected device ecosystem....
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Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Combining the capabilities of cloud ERP system and CRM business software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications work together in the cloud to drive your business success with better outcomes. Organizations starting new product lines choose to transform...
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Top Analytics Challenges Facing Organizations Today

With the continuous evolution of customer service in different industry verticals, the customer service team of a company is required to keep in-sync with the new customer needs to motivate their buying desire. Ambitious business...

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Catch the Spymaster with Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions

Most of the businesses employ mobile computing devices as a means for organizing their work and exchange of information. Such devices have become the source of new attacks as they compile a huge amount of sensitive information...

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