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Connected Health - Embracing the Power of Digital Technology in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is faced with the biggest challenge of addressing data integration across vast and varied legacy systems. A poor state data integration tool used for patient's health diagnosis may result in bad data retrieval. Digital patient care solutions have become an important tool for healthcare organizations to ensure secure EHR delivery and safeguard the sharing of e-health information of the patients. VastEdge Connected Health is designed to leverage information technology enabled tools that help doctors and clinical staff to derive actionable value from the current patient health information. Our Connected Health services enable organizations to share meaningful data...[view more


The Benefits of Digital Business Transformation Using Hybrid Cloud

A true digital business transformation necessitates a deep understanding of contextual interactivity so that customers and involved business teams get the right information in real-time even in the rapid pace of adoption. In today's environment, consumers are inundated with an unending list of consumer-grade services and their expectations are growing. Thus, it becomes imperative for companies to cater the needs of different groups of customers across the entire channel ecosystem. Adopting hybrid cloud for digital transformation empowers your business for next-ready growth. It proves to be the most effective cloud enabled platform to outperform your rivals with greater confidence..[view more]


Succeed in Analytics Economy with Machine Learning for Business

The biggest challenge that global enterprises face today in bringing real-time business intelligence to life is the lack of analytics capabilities to recognize the exponential gain in the available data. Analytics Economy is evolving as the next-generation software technology that empowers digital economy by offering limitless opportunities to global enterprises. Some organizations become the casualty of innovation-based disruption failing to disclose accurate analytics results. Take the best benefit of your doubt with VastEdge big data and analytics solutions that make your business ready for the analytics economy. Boost your marketing confidence quotient and realize new data opportunities while embedding analytics in your organization...[view more]


VastEdge Training Program for Women-Owned Businesses

Women entrepreneurs have become a thriving part of the digital ecosystem with their steadily increasing presence in the world of small-business proprietorship. As per USA TODAY, CEO Mary Barra shakes up GM. Soon going to become the most influential CEO in the history of General Motors, Mary Bara today leads a company that she has digitally transformed to make it more responsive to its customers and more focused on pursuing radical new technologies for developing business. VastEdge Woman Business Training Program is aimed at providing counseling and training for woman-owned business to help women entrepreneurs start their new business, avoid mistakes and transform their...[view more]


Accelerate Digital Business Transformation with the Cloud

The concept of cloud is not new and it has proven a major force accelerating digital transformation for business success over the past few decades. Unlike conventional service delivery environments, cloud computing provides infrastructure as well as platform for integrating business applications. Adoption of cloud computing to increase operational efficiency enables organizations to focus more on achieving their business goals by migrating to the cloud. VastEdge Cloud Integration Services form the foundation for executing digital business transformation initiatives to scale-up your business and allow flexibility to accomodate new digital innovations...[view more]


Top IoT Trends Shaping the Future of Digital

IoT holds a promising future for the enterprises who believe in innovating business with early adoption to interconnected device ecosystem. Developing as the next mega technology trend, IoT will soon prove an asset for generating unprecedented customer experience and will be revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers in real world. For the business owners who are looking for rapid revenue growth possibilities, it is important for them to pay attention to the hottest IoT trends that are shaping the future of digital transformation. [view more]


Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Combining the capabilities of cloud ERP system and CRM business software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications work together in the cloud to drive your business success with better outcomes. Organizations starting new product lines choose to transform their business digitally and run their processes from end to end using Microsoft Dynamics suite powered by Microsoft Azure. VastEdge helps transform your business and achieve optimal revenue growth by integrating Microsoft Dynamics capabilities into existing operational framework....[view more]


Microsoft Azure - The Most Trusted Cloud for Modern Business

Microsoft as a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platform delivers the next-ready cloud capabilities for your company’s true growth. Microsoft Azure is a growing cluster of integrated cloud services that gives freedom to the IT professionals and programmers to build, deploy and manage applications through Azure datacenters using the tools of their own choice. With our services for Azure cloud backup and data migration, we empower your business deliver record-breaking performance and strive to bring true hybrid cloud consistency for your compute-critical applications...[view more]


Join VastEdge Affiliate Program to Earn Revenue

Using the VastEdge affiliate program provides great opportunity to the business owners and affiliate marketers who wish to earn revenues through referral partnership. As an affiliate, you can make money advertising and selling multiple product lines of VastEdge on your website. Once you register yourself as an affiliate, you can start with our Affiliate tool center for building marketing campaigns, adding promotional banners, blogging and promoting VastEdge products across web, mobile, and social platforms. Join VastEdge Affiliate Program and enhance your business by making money advertising and selling VastEdge products...[view more]


VastEdge Price Guide - The Right Product Marketing Software

To keep up with every new innovation in today’s fast-evolving digital world, companies are encouraged to include advanced revenue management system and online purchase services to streamline backend access control of sales management operations. VastEdge PriceGuide escorts you through step-by-step evaluation of total product cost. By using PriceGuide as the right solution in product cost planning, you can get the best possible and less expensive custom prices based on your selection of inclusive items in your business software suite. Price Guide offers real-time access to user-defined purchase orders with separate listing of software products. It also offers easy-to-handle admin panel and...[view more]


SuiteSuccess is the First Unified Industry Cloud Solution

SuiteSuccess is a new customer engagement model that is designed by NetSuite community for global ERP vendors who wish to improve their business efficiency and achieve faster time to value with greater customer success. SuiteSuccess has already benefited above 300 customers worldwide and is now available to expand globally into more industry verticals. NetSuite and Oracle have forged a strategic alliance to set a new standard in the industry and maintain partner ecosystem to lead the ERP market. NetSuite+Oracle Global Business Unit will empower high-growth global companies to go from zero to cloud in 100 days using the leading OneWorld innovative practices... [view more]


SuiteWorld 2017 - The largest NetSuite ERP Conference

SuiteWorld is the NetSuite's largest annual ERP conference. This year's SuiteWorld mega event marks the 7th anniversary of NetSuite as a leading cloud solution provider in the global ERP industry. More than 6,000 attendees, including NetSuite executives, customers, ISV partners, key solution providers, and industry thought leaders are expected to network with innovative business players from across the globe and celebrate their cloud success with NetSuite+Oracle. Be a part of this year's NetSuite's No.1 Global ERP Event, get inspired and educate yourself about everything NetSuite can deliver to make your business next ready with leading industry practices....[view more]


Sentiment Analysis Pushes E-commerce Close to Success

Sentiment analysis of a guest’s data encourages the marketing players to evaluate the text in a way that exposes the valuable checkpoints and support them to take their visitor communication experience to the next level. It enables the businesses to work actively on improving their visibility across the targeted websites and gain an in-depth insight of the entity's resolution. This entity can be visualized as an event, individual, blog post or product experience. Many big companies who are compassionate to score high in influence attribution are using this powerful gauging tool to improve their business intelligence in finance, healthcare, SaaS, big data and IoT...[view more]


Analytics Modernization Makes Data Work For You

Analytics is becoming the foremost CIO spending preferences nowadays. Analytics modernization is like a window of opportunity to monetize while building robust data management architecture. Using modernization phenomenon enhances the business capabilities of the companies to take a competitive lead in the market. This also empowers BI and delivers a platform to achieve rapid revenue optimization by choosing hybrid cloud deployment options. Businesses can flourish in a more effective way by learning about the industry's best practices to deliver new levels of business value. SAS and VastEdge work on a unified approach to employ modernized analytics...[view more]


Top Analytics Challenges Facing Organizations Today

With the continuous evolution of customer service in different industry verticals, the customer service team of a company is required to keep in-sync with the new customer needs to motivate their buying desire. Ambitious business leaders are passionately engaged in watching out for superlative customer service solutions and the list of unreported business analytics challenges goes on with no easy answers. VastEdge is a certified partner and authorized reseller of SAS advanced analytics solutions. We take pride in announcing our strategic alliance with Microsoft as a Gold partner for providing Azure cloud solutions to the high-growth businesses...[view more]


Catch the Spymaster with Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions

Most of the businesses employ mobile computing devices as a means for organizing their work and exchange of information. Such devices have become the source of new attacks as they compile a huge amount of sensitive information. This information needs utmost protection from the attacks to assure the privacy of intellectual property and users of the company. While the extensive BYOD environment has led to the evolving organization-wide breaches from employee devices, enterprise mobile security has become the top priority for high-growth businesses at global scale...[view more]

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