COVID-19: Vast Edge Offers Free Cloud Assessment / POC to grow your business

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During this time of uncertainty, Vast Edge has been working hard to provide proven cloud tools and resources to help small and medium businesses reduce risks and grow their revenues.

We've partnered with various cloud providers as a managed cloud service provider to share expert guidance on how businesses can optimize their technical, marketing, sales, and finance operations to minimize the impact of Coronavirus storm that has brought everything to a standstill.

Vast Edge is providing COVID hit businesses with the following tools and resources to help future proof their business.

Ongoing Weekly Webinars

The Cloud webinar series hosted by Vast Edge includes topics on how to streamline your business functions including finance, manufacturing, and sales & marketing. These webinars also educate you on how to effectively manage your remote workforce.

Free Cloud Assessments & POC

The least that Vast Edge can do at this time of uncertainty is to assist business by providing them with Free cloud services. We have been approving these services for select small businesses on demand basis. Some of these services include free cloud assessments, POCs, free architecture designs, backup and disaster recovery, and at times free migrations to the cloud.

Winning Strategies

Vast Edge has developed several proven tools for greater profitability & rapid growth of your business. These tools help you to manage your business by exploring and implementing winning strategies. Our videos and blogs demonstrate how to understand, implement and attain quick growth with higher margins.

Partner Channel

Vast Edge has launched it's partner channel to help VAR's generate additional stream of revenue. We have seen great demand for companies wanting to optimize & transform their business processes while moving to the cloud.

Tele Learning

In this time of need, when the whole world is under lockdown, Vast Edge has launched a bunch of new courses for online education. Vast Edge can help you in getting certified in various courses related to cloud migration, ERP Suite management, Cloud backup and recovery and many more.

Assemble a Phenomenal Remote Team

In these challenging times, migrating your system and architecture to the cloud will allow your team to work remotely from their home setting up a COVID proof business. Vast Edge is offering a comprehensive package of COVID-focused rapid cloud migration solution.

Online Video's

We have been posting online videos on our youtube channel to assist businesses by sharing how other companies in similar industries are having success in fighting COVID from an economic standpoint.

Online Inbound Marketing

We understand that as a business owner, this viral outbreak is having an adverse effect on your business. Vast Edge is here to help you out in this tough time. With the help of the cloud-based tool, our cloud experts will aid you in acquiring new customers with minimal costs.

Disaster Recovery

Vast Edge has developed a whole set of proven tools including SDK modules for web and mobile apps, pluggable application modules and pre-built rapid deployable API to safeguard your data sets in this difficult time.

The whole world is facing one of the most devastating epidemics of the 20th century due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The pandemic may cost more to the world economy in terms of loss of wealth and GDP loss. Many global business rating agencies have made a forecast that it will at least take another 6 months for the business to get back to the earlier levels.

In these times of crisis, it is hard for enterprises to sustain their business. Most of them require immediate assistance as employees are not able to come out to the offices. What should an enterprise owner do in such a tough time? Our advice is: find an alternate solution to engage your employees. This is a good time to let "The Cloud Technology" aid you in finding your businesses' foot. Let Vast Edge assist you in your cloud journey. We guarantee you a 50% reduction in your IT costs. These hard times have changed the world, your business should adapt too.
Get Free Assessments and POCs from our Cloud experts.

About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

Founded in the year 2004, Vast Edge is a leading IT Consulting Company and Global Service provider of Business Intelligence, big data analytics, cloud ERP, IoT platform, enterprise backup and disaster recovery, Blockchain, Cassandra, AI/ML, and Integration solutions. We perform Application modernization, follow continuous change management, and implement advanced practices while working on the key areas of enhancing methodologies of project development.

Vast Edge is also an Oracle cloud MSP, Velocity and NetSuite partner. We provide quality Oracle Cloud services using proven tools and methods to lower your TCO and to mitigate risks. Since inception, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle consulting services and has assisted 70+ customers since Jan 2018 to successfully migrate to cloud. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of Oracle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ certified professionals to make your cloud journey smooth and successful.

For more information, visit and connect with us on Twitter (@vastedgeinc), Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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