Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit announced SuiteSuccess as the first unified industry cloud solution at SuiteWorld 2017. SuiteSuccess is a new customer engagement model that is designed for the community of global ERP vendors who wish to improve their business efficiency and achieve faster time to value with greater success in customer relationship management. SuiteSuccess has already benefited from over 300 customers worldwide and is now available to expand globally into more industry verticals.


NetSuite is the world's leading and best acclaimed provider of cloud solutions in the global ERP industry. SuiteSuccess is the result of NetSuite's multi-year transformation effort to productize the domain knowledge and discover an agile approach to product adoption that addresses unique industry challenges. SuiteSuccess empowers innovative companies and NetSuite customers to go from zero to cloud in 100 days by implementing industry leading best practices.

SuiteSuccess - A Turnkey Solution Tailored For Your Business

Companies that are taking advantage of NetSuite + Oracle solutions to advance their business in the cloud are now bestowed with SuiteSuccess unified cloud solution that ensures long-term customer success. SuiteSuccess supports modern business that encompasses commerce-ready ERP, powerful CRM with HR and PSA capabilities, and Business Intelligence built on the NetSuite cloud platform.

  • Acts as a key catalyst to accelerate growth success rate by providing 360° business visibility.
  • Increases the probability of exploring new actionable insights and features pre-defined roles to quickly start business activation.
  • A comprehensive industrial solution that fuels global business operations and reduces IT support cost, cloud ERP investment.

NetSuite Customers benefit from an intelligent staged approach via NetSuite's industry stairway to absorb the powerful capabilities based on their business needs. With continuous engagement with updated leading practices, businesses can add value at each stage of customer engagement. NetSuite has successfully delivered a dozen SuiteSuccess editions for the key roles in advertising and media, publishing, Finance and Information Technology, Retail and Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Non-profit and Services-based Businesses.


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