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The right cloud changes everything.

Every enterprise know it is not easy to go from bsic cloud to business cloud.But with BMC cloud management solutions, businesses can have the cloud they want iverse, scalable, transformative and able to mature to meet growing business needs. Unleash everything the cloud is capable of With BMC Cloud Management. No matter what's running in cloud, it should be managed in line with rest of the business infrastructure. That's where BMC Cloud Management comes in. It lets organizations harness the power of their entire cloud while maintaining control, flexibility, and ease of use.

What makes BMC Cloud Management the right solution?

Deliver great performance and automate everything from change to chargeback with cloud management solutions from BMC. From that initial cloud to start the rollout to a mature, interconnected cloud offering diverse services, businesses will be able to demonstrate value and increase efficiency in every step of the way. BMC Cloud Management can help businesses:
  • Design right cloud from the start, built to meet business expectations while addressing unique operational needs and integrating key IT processes
  • Go from zero to cloud in as few as 30 days
  • Bring a complete menu of services to all hybrid cloud users, from basic infrastructure to complete, configured applications

Design a cloud that delivers.

Most IT organizations are strongly motivated to get their cloud up and running and fast. The business is waiting. But consider what can go wrong without solid planning. Organizations that take a lady-Fire-Aim approach to cloud implementation are set up for failure. In just days, businesses can design an enterprise cloud that will delight users and serve as a foundation as the needs grow and change. With BMC help, business will define a rollout plan, with new service offerings and a scalable architecture to ensure cloud stands the test of time.

Build the perfect cloud and have it done yesterday. Sound familiar?

If business is charged with rapidly and successfully standing up a cloud environment, BMC can help. Build a professional-grade cloud that serves many different parts of the organization, delivers a range of services, and does it all with automation to make life easier. Because new cloud should serve the business Without business serving the cloud. With a hybrid cloud from BMC, business will:
  • Meet needs of every user, in every part of the business
  • Offer a menu of cloud services that can be automatically configured to the needs of each user enterprise serve business units, departments, or individuals
  • Embrace all the key platforms and the ones business want in years to come
  • Enjoy the efficiency of an integrated cloud to businesses are not left managing the cloud management platform

Once business cloud is running - who is going to make sure it's thriving?

Once a cloud is switched on, its routine operation brings different responsibilities. With new services coming online by the hour, old ones being retired, and hundreds of ongoing changes, it's challenging to ensure user expectations are being met. To ensure performance and satisfaction, it's critical that cloud operations work hand in hand with cloud management. BMC Cloud Management solutions include:
  • Capacity-aware provisioning and service placement
  • Ensures users get the resources they need, right when they need them
  • Change management and process integration
  • BMC integrate with BMC Remedy Change Management for consistent and automated audit trails
  • Integrated performance
  • Business will always know how cloud services are behaving, whether on premise or in the public cloud
  • Best practice configuration and compliance management
  • Business will be armed with everything required to maintain standards and pass regulatory audits

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