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IT experience, mobilized and modernized. With BMC, businesses can make access to IT service easier, faster, and more secure. Great news for business users even better news for businesses. IT experience is changing! Enterprise employees have new choices in how they consume technology, and they often invest in their own technology to suit their preferences and habits. Mobile and tablet devices are purchased for both home and work use. Commercially available apps and storage services are also used in both contexts, blurring traditional lines of ownership and accountability. This change comes with new expectations of corporate IT, as employees start to demand that accessibility and convenience of corporate technology, services, and support match their experience at home.

Signs of the times

  • Growing gap between business user expectations and IT reality, including need for communication that?social and collaborative
  • New challenges of mobile workforce and using your own device BYOD
  • Blurred boundaries of IT ownership for cloud computing and new deployment models
  • BMC solutions will help businesses put control in the hands of the business users, automate processes, and deliver services quickly and safely, transforming IT experience. BMC Software know that empowering end user can be a genuine win-win for both IT and the business. Any autonomy and productivity gains enjoyed by end users will be more than matched by gains in efficiency and business value.

How to empower end users

  • Give them autonomy in choosing how, when, and where to work
  • Make them more productive by giving easy access to right technology devices, tools, and services
  • Provide a secure foundation for mission critical systems: the secret to unlocking the true potential of consumerization

Transform the IT experience

It's a challenge to keep pace with expectations of modern employees. Today's business users expect their interactions with enterprise IT to compare with those of their favorite service providers. They want quick, easy access to IT services and reliable and convenient delivery of their business applications BMC can deliver both. Getting help and communicating with enterprise teams should be easy, too. BMC virtual agent and live chat capabilities will help businesses to deliver a more collaborative, interactive, and responsive service. While business users are enjoying a streamlined IT experience, enterprises will benefit from less time spent on routine requests. Businesses are free to optimize their resources and focus on strategic initiatives.

MyIT from BMC

MyIT will make it easier than ever to consumerize services, with a simple and intuitive app that requires no training. Business users can make requests, schedule appointments, download apps, and access important information, all with just a couple of taps. MyIT even knows where business users are, helping them find and use key local resources.

BMC AppZone

This cloud-based app store solution allows IT to more effectively control publishing, distribution, and management of corporate-approved applications on end-user devices. Designed for smartphones, tablets, desktop, and other endpoints, BMC AppZone integrates with MyIT and is a way to ensure corporate policies are met while giving employees user-friendly experience found in consumer-style app stores.
BMC Virtual Agent and Chat
Using a simple chat interface, the virtual agent responds to your customer requests: she can search for knowledge, raise requests, and direct customers to a live agent as needed. She works 24/7 with total autonomy, freeing up your critical resources.

Real connection in real time

Connect and collaborate with customers with integrated social media and chat capabilities. Let business agents share expertise, coordinate resolutions, and keep track of critical service information across multiple channels.

Optimize the ITSM process

Nothing destroys confidence of the business users faster than service delivery that doesn't meet expectations. A wide range of best-practice-aligned and automated ITSM processes will give businesses an unrivalled degree of power and control. If businesses are serious about providing a more consumer-like IT experience, they need to ensure the processes underpinning the delivery of the services provided are well defined, enforced, and robust. Businesses don't need to be complex or elaborate, but work efficiently is needed, every time. With more than 20 years of continual innovation and market leadership in IT service management, BMC is uniquely positioned to help enterprises building an ultimate process foundation on-premise or in the cloud.

BMC Remedy OnDemand

Maximize service offerings from the cloud and prove IT value to the business. With Remedy OnDemand, businesses get robust ITSM functionality with convenient SaaS delivery.

BMC Remedyforce

Make IT a strategic partner to business. Reduce business costs and time to market while increasing productivity and efficiency with BMC Remedyforce SaaS Help Desk.

Cloud benefits the business

Discover how moving ITSM to the cloud can positively affect organizations, including savings, agility, and greater business exposure.
Find an ideal ITSM solution

For outstanding service delivery, right ITSM solution is crucial. Answer six simple questions about the environment and needs and get a personalized recommendation to explore.

Manage the mobile enterprise

BMC helps businesses take better control of apps, content, and devices across a wide range of platforms. Unlock the real power of mobile enterprise and give business users a flexible and secure environment wherever they are. With BMC solutions, organizations can provide access to key services and infrastructure from mobile devices, while guaranteeing security of devices, applications, and data.

BMC Mobile Device Management
Today's users require mobile access to business applications. Keep employees happy and enterprise data safe with MDM from BMC.
BYOD, the Mobile Workforce, and You
Satisfy organization's workforce of digital natives while maintaining enterprise security with comprehensive, seamless bring-your-own-device policies and applications.

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