No scripting, silos, or slowdowns! Just automation that delivers. It's time for automation to live up to its name. With unified data center automation from BMC, businesses will increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and say goodbye to manual processes once and for all.

Learn, resolve, and control: 3 paths to an automated data center

A unified data center requires end-to-end management over data, applications, and processes that run it. Islands of automation don?t count. That's why BMC data center automation, data center management, and integrated workload automation cover all the bases, including:

Learning how configurations compare to each other, how to automate repetitive tasks, and what enterprise IT looks like in real time

Resolving issues by simplifying scheduling, auditing regularly, identifying drift, and remediating discrepancies automatically

Controlling environment with unified workloads, automated change requests, consistent policies, and streamlined documentation

Server Automation & Server Management

Streamline business data center with next-gen management from BMC Server Automation. Integrated configuration and compliance plus policy-based automation add up to comprehensive capabilities across any environment - physical, cloud, and everything in between.

Simplify change and configuration management

BMC Server Automation gives required information to manage bulky change and configuration tasks without drowning in unnecessary details. By automating processes like patching, configuring, updating, and reporting on servers, it enables consistency, compliance, and complete insight into enterprise data center. With BMC Server Automation, businessescan:

  • Enable rapid and targeted changes without scripting
  • Support roll-back of incomplete or incorrect changes
  • Maintain a historical baseline configuration for one-click comparison and remediation
  • Run out-of-the-box and ad hoc reports on compliance, inventory, provisioning, patch, and deployment
  • Gain both big picture and granular views into server infrastructure
  • BMC Server Automation is a provisioning powerhouse, with capabilities like:

    Full-stack, automated provisioning in physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud data centers

    Automated OS installation and configuration with support for all major operating systems

    Support for virtual template-based, image-based, and script-based provisioning

    Keep compliance under control

    Achieve and maintain compliance standards - whether regulatory, security, or operational with BMC Server Automation. It provides real-time, policy-based compliance auditing based on built-in content and user-defined rules. Remediation is automatically generated, and can be deployed automatically or manually via repair, rollback, or configuration updates. Plus, pre-configured policies for regulatory and security standards make it easy to hit the ground running.

    Network Automation & Network Management

    Eliminate #1 cause of network outages with BMC Network Automation. Bad configuration changes cause more network outages than any other issue. Not with BMC Network Automation. It automates networks configuration, change, and compliance processes so outages and downtime are a thing of the past.

    Streamlined automation. Serious business benefits.

    BMC Network Automation delivers big business benefits through configuration, provisioning, and ensuring compliance of network devices in data center. By implementing this policy-based automation solution, IT can:

    • Rapidly provision network changes in virtualized data centers, including automated service request fulfillment of cloud services
    • Reduce operational costs by up to 80% through automation and one-click rollback
    • Eliminate the number one cause of network outages erroneous configuration changes
    • Ensure continuous compliance with internal best practices and regulatory standards (HIPAA, NERC, PCI, SOX, etc.)
    • Extend enterprise-wide change management initiatives to network level

    Manage all networks across all major platforms

    BMC Network Automation supports all leading operating systems and virtualization platforms, giving a one-stop-shop for managing business network devices. Its SmartMerge and Smart ACL Management technologies make it easy configure devices, change configurations, and deploy changes. Additional capabilities include:

    • Automatically generating change scripts used to implement mass configuration updates, enforce policies, and perform non-disruptive rollbacks
    • Simplifying complex configuration changes using pre-defined jobs and configuration templates
    • Implementing network containers and service profiles for repeatable IT service provisioning
    • Automatically grouping network elements for targeted job execution
    • Streamlining access control list (ACL) management and eliminating security vulnerabilities during updates
    • Maintaining a trusted baseline configuration for one-click comparison and remediation
    • Providing real-time, policy-based compliance auditing based on built-in content and user-defined rules
    • Quickly identifying and quarantining suspect endpoints

    Control-M Workload Automation

    Automate job scheduling to run more jobs faster. Old-school job scheduling no longer cuts it. Replace multiple schedulers with one integrated solution:BMC Control-M V8. Increased power and a new, simplified interface make workload automation easier and more efficient than ever before.

    What's new in BMC Control-M V8?

    Latest version of Control-M, quite simply, offers more: More power. More collaboration. More performance. Easily manage all scheduling and monitoring tasks from one new streamlined, intuitive interface. Work with colleagues to define workflow through virtual workspaces. Upgrade agents without any downtime. It all boils down to increased efficiency that lets running more jobs in less time no matter how complex business processes.

    Simple job scheduling from one point of control

    Workload automation doesn't get much simpler than this. BMC Control-M V8's redesigned interface is more intuitive and easier to use. Businesses will be able to schedule and manage everything down to the very last platform and application from a single point of control. BMC's new interface also makes it easier to manage complex, time-sensitive projects. Virtual workspaces allow businesses to collaborate with colleagues regardless of location or time zone. And, because data is stored in a common repository, they can create and change workload elements without worrying about synchronization issues.

    Power to manage and support all systems

    Simplified interface doesn't doesn't mean businesses have to sacrifice power. In fact, BMC Control-M V8 is most powerful version yet. Automate secure file transfers across entire enterprise with more efficiency and at a lower cost than most standalone apps. Meet audit requirements at a moment's notice with built-in change management that records every change. And prioritize workloads based on business needs with dynamic workload management. Control-Ms power is also backed by serious performance with the ability to automate and integrate nearly every application through one point of control, across almost all platforms and business processes.


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