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Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) is a business process which is delivered on the cloud based on the applicable service model. This service model encompasses the components which rely on related services including software, platform and infrastructure.
The need of Business Process as a Service addresses the issues of automating transactions and agile processes. Earlier for generating any report (for example purchase and inventory), the companies had to build a program for the received request to assure a complete look-up before any grant to third party or customer.

Service Architecture of BPaaS

All the credit lays on the shoulder of innovative professionals who have given a new way of computing within the cloud through a bunch of services including-


Scope and Advantages

With the birth of cloud computing, a more service-oriented approach for delivering best services is being sought by the business entities. There is no requirement of any application package for analyzing logical business processes if the companies have an option to select the one that is mutually exclusive to other application. The future version BPaaS is desired to outperform in delivering big data services on the cloud. It offers the following advantages with innovative business capabilities to overcome troublesome traditional IT service architecture.

  • It has got a configurable design with well-defined API's for connecting to related services.
  • It doesnt require intense knowledge of background process or middleware definitions.
  • It includes robust and optimized cloud based underlying services to provide scalability.
  • BPaaS in hybrid cloud can be used to create a platform for process-oriented business services.
  • This also supports multi-language suite for service implementation in different environments.
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