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Speed project delivery: Agile Planning and Development

To meet today's business demands, development teams can continue to rely on yesterday's tools and approaches. While Agile methodologies are key to contending with today's market demands, projects wont succeed without effective planning, visibility, and coordination. Businesses need the right tool for the right job at the right time.
With CA Clarity Agile, businesses can use right methodology for the right job, enabling them to harness the capabilities any organization already has to maximize the advantages of Agile development. CA Clarity Agile is tailored to Agile development, and it delivers integration and visibility development teams need to collaborate effectively to organizations can more quickly deliver innovative products to market.

An Agile Tool That Works the Way Business Work

CA Clarity Agile addresses the unique project and resource management needs for Agile development teams. Delivery teams get full visibility into deliverables, costs, and resources for Agile sprints and projects allowing businesses to make informed resource allocation decisions for the Agile teams. Businesses can manage product backlog to oversee multiple sprints, with burndown and velocity charts to track team progress, assign dependencies between user stories, and view project updates just about anywhere on almost any device.
With CA Clarity Agile, team collaboration is simple. Team members can find relevant information on user stories and status updates without searching through endless emails because information they exchange is all part of their system of record.

CA Clarity Agile delivers an accurate picture of agile project costing, deliverables, and resourcing and when combined with CA Clarity PPM delivers enterprise visibility into agile projects alongside traditional projects providing industry's most complete and proven project and portfolio management solution.

Manage Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and Hybrid projects

Organizations can move to Agile at its own pace while maintaining full governance over the project portfolio. With the Clarity solution, organizations can clearly report progress, status, resources allocated, and cost of projects regardless of methodology.

CA Clarity Agile gives flexibility to implement Agile on some projects while maintaining traditional waterfall on others. Likewise, the first Agile projects may be an ?ile-fall?ybrid approach until teams are fully comfortable with Agile. With the Clarity solution, all project types are managed from same portfolio view.

Map the future: Requirements planning

A key factor in successfully delivering competitive and innovative ideas to customers is the ability to not only define requirements effectively, but keep them connected to projects and their activities. Effectiveness of the delivered product or service is improved by connecting project work of the teams to requirements defined by product owners, stakeholders, or customers. CA Clarity Agile includes power and ease of Clarity Requirements that connects requirements from ideas, to backlogs, to roadmaps, and through to project execution.
Clarity Requirements helps to capture, plan, and organize requirements while keeping an eye on customer needs. It simplifies process for product and project planning by providing collaborative and visual tools for stakeholders to clearly define requirements and ensure they stay on track from start to finish. All in one place, all integrated.


Harness capabilities tailored to iterative Agile environments, including virtual walls, burn-down charts, and stories and epics
Provide complete support for multiple methodologies Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and Hybrid
Enable Kanban processes for continuous improvement via a virtual Kanban board
Efficiently track team progress and manage multiple sprints
Collaborate in real time with Salesforce Chatter
Integrate directly with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools such as HP Quality Center, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft TFS, and IBM Rational


Boost team collaboration and productivity of the Agile teams through online access to complete, current project details
Increase delivery speed of Agile projects through an intuitive and natural interface that takes the hard work out of planning sprints and managing backlogs
Streamline adoption of Agile approaches, while retaining flexibility to uniformly manage multiple development methodologies
Increase rate of innovation. Efficiently capture new ideas, rapidly progress the best ideas through the idea-to-launch process
Optimize development resources. Plan for and manage scarce and specialized skill sets to ensure availability, consistency and development efficiency
Shorten time-to-value. Standardize and streamline complex, cross-functional product development and introduction processes, enabling consistency and launch predictability
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