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Cloud computing can bridge the gap between what business needs and what it can provide even with flat budgets. But it also presents its own set of challenges: security, availability, performance, compliance, integration, purchasing, budgeting, development, visibility, automation and insight.
Whether it's a large enterprise, a growing business, a government organization or a service provider, CA Technologies cloud solutions can help meeting these challenges. With CA Technologies cloud solutions, organizations can increase business agility, accelerate cycle times, reduce costs, increase margins and drive revenues.

Get strategic visibility, transparency and predictive intelligence needed to quickly enable transformative cloud strategies. CA Cloud Compass is a smart application and cloud services lifecycle planning solution for enterprise IT organization looking for a predictive, prescriptive approach to validating which applications and services to move to private, public or hybrid clouds. By helping businesses making right decisions upfront for hybrid service delivery models, CIOs can use CA Cloud Compass to accelerate time-to-value with agile business services that deliver predictable cost, risk and return to the business.
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