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CA Technologies can empower businesses to unlock the potential of mobility. Businesses today are worried that employee mobile devices might pose a threat to corporate security. Have mobile management capabilities been siloed from existing IT management practices and infrastructure. Do the current business mobile management tools create frustration among employees by reducing their experience or adoption of technology. Does the organization have a strategic and rapidly evolving enterprise mobility management foundation in place.
Mobility is considered to be a natural, yet profound, evolution of enterprise computing. On-going IT changes such as application redesign, self-service delivery models, evaluation of devices as corporate assets and clarity of new privacy and security policies could have profound impact on tools that are needed to deploy and secure mobile devices and applications.
CA Technologies solutions can securely manage mobile elements including devices, email, content and applications or APIs. Company's technologies help IT regain control and visibility to enable mobility to:
Drive innovation and business growth through better customer engagement
Improve employee productivity by enabling BYOD and secure collaboration
Automate IT management with mobile-enabled technologies
Improve and sustain an optimum end-user experience
CA Technologies has over 30 years of demonstrated leadership experience in addressing enterprise challenges with business innovation, service assurance, security and infrastructure management technologies. Company is uniquely positioned to address challenges that mobility presents.

CA Mobile Device Management (CA MDM)

CA MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a simple, scalable solution which provides enterprises the basic capabilities necessary to secure and manage mobile users, devices and apps. For over twenty years CA Technologies has helped companies manage high-performance IT services supporting the business. Now, busy IT teams can manage mobile devices as easily as they can manage desktops, virtualized resources or cloud services.
IT gains real-time insight into mobile device status & usage, along with automated device enrollment, configuration and decommissioning
Employees gain the ability to bring practically any device to the workplace (BYOD), and can access a user-friendly, self-service Enterprise App Store
Finance gains a way to control costs with real-time analytics for telecom expense management

API Security & Management

Securely connect enterprises to mobile apps, cloud platforms and developer networks through APIs. Growth in mobile apps, cloud services, developer communities and IoT (Internet of Things) has driven enterprises to open up valuable data through APIs. By exposing data and application functionality to external users, apps and machines organizations can reshape their business model into an extensible platform that can take advantage of new routes to market and revenue streams.

CA Layer 7 API Security & Management Suite provides enterprises with a comprehensive set of solutions that externalize APIs in a secure, reliable and manageable way. CA Layer 7 API Security & Management Suite is fully integrated and designed for enterprises to address mobile app development and bring your own device (BYOD), cloud connectivity, partner and cross-divisional SOA integration and API developer onboarding.

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