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Gain flexibility and control needed to rapidly deploy private cloud services across Vblock Platforms. CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock Platforms enables enterprise IT administrators to quickly build value-added services using process automation, while accelerating delivery and minimizing cost.
This solution enables delivery of virtual servers as a service on Vblock platforms. Out-of-the-box integration with Vblock's Unified Infrastructure Management and vCenter provides a standardized process to request, plan and deliver virtual servers in an accelerated pace. IT organizations gain the insight to see how Vblock platform services are utilized to deliver virtual services in the form of show back/chargeback invoicing.

CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock Platforms

Offers enterprise IT customers and service providers the means to automate and orchestrate complex service delivery processes when initiated by self-service requests
Helps reduce need for costly IT staff re-skilling
Dynamically uses technology at a predictable cost


UIM integration

CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock Platforms uses CA Catalyst connectors that integrate with UIM. This allows the solution to provide provisioning and configuration of physical stack in Vblock platform.

Publish servers quickly

CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock Platforms uses process automation to integrate people, processes, and technology by automating tasks from service consumers and producers, and orchestrating physical and virtual stack to help plan and publish servers smoothly.


End users choose from service offerings provided from a service catalog, allowing them to quickly and securely provision and de-provision their own resources and services on Vblock platforms without directly involving IT staff. Native multi-tenancy enables publication of standardized services across multiple catalogs.

Flexible, on-demand provisioning

Resources can be automatically provisioned and de-provisioned ondemand through a self-service portal, reducing the cycle time from service request to service availability simplifying the entire provisioning process.

Usage-based billing

Powerful financial management features support fixed or usage-based pricing, and includes a billing and financial reporting engine that automatically associates service usage to departments, cost centers, or end users. Integrated chargeback gives ability to charge for services based on their true cost of delivery.


Accelerates time-to-value

Presenting standardized services from CA Service Catalog coupled with CA Process Automation workflows, IT can help reduce costly, high-intensity are-drill activities that carry highest operational costs and penalties. By extending these services to business users and customers, IT brings self-service awareness to its customers.

Optimizes resource utilization and helps reduce costs

By orchestrating the entire cloud service workflow and lifecycle, including: checking resource availability, provisioning resources, validating configurations, and automating service activation and retirement across Vblock platforms, service providers may reduce costs while improving service quality.

Streamlines provisioning of compute and storage resources

Facilitating the consistent deployment of complete services, irrespective of technology, infrastructure, or functional boundary, unites teams towards driving better service outcomes.

Helps to gain financial insight

Exposing the business cost and value of private cloud services through financial metering, showback, and chargeback encourages users to better modify how they consume IT resources. This helps IT better shape and influence more effective demand and consumption of shared IT resources.

Integrate with third-party solutions for improved operational efficiency and risk reduction

Leverage default connectors that come with CA Process Automation to automatically connect to other environments either through a pre-built operator using a standard protocol or through a pre-built connector.
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