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CA SiteMinder Secure Proxy Server(SPS)

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Many IT administrators face some common constraints: where businesses can locate external-facing Web servers in networks, for example; or perhaps businesses can place a website in an Internet-facing DMZ; or must ensure that authenticated traffic is allowed to enter the organization. Businesses always need more flexibility and speed to deploy new applications. Mobile platforms and applications create additional challenges for IT administrators to manage CA SiteMinder sessions. And businesses are always up against the need to provide more services with lower budgets.

CA SiteMinder SPS can help. It gives businesses the architectural flexibility needed while delivering CA SiteMinder Web Services Security and CA SiteMinder Federation capabilities in a simple to deploy proxy server. CA SiteMinder SPS provides additional tools for managing users sessions across this growing segment of end-user devices.
With CA SiteMinder SPS businesses get ability to securely connect to Web servers and applications in a centralized manner that does not require distributed agents. CA SiteMinder SPS is also ideal if organization needs more session management flexibility, including ability to transparently route users, support additional user agents, or seamlessly integrate with the existing enterprise infrastructure. It provides access control, single sign-on, and entitlement management while serving as a secure gateway to a organization's backend servers.

Organization can manage access to the entire enterprise through a single enforcement point, and keep internal network topology opaque to external users. CA SiteMinder SPS can provide SSO both as a standalone component and in conjunction with CA SiteMinder Web Services Security, and it supports multiple session schemes. The proxy rules control the flow of requests to destination servers. Greater architectural flexibility and rapid deployment: with CA SiteMinder SPS, businesses can speed time-to-value, cut costs, and simplify operation.

Vast Edge also uses light weight Nginx web server as reverse proxy to connect to Oracle APEX server with Oracle Autonomous Database


Single Sign-On (SSO): Embedded CA SiteMinder Web Services Security enables SSO across an enterprise
Multiple session schemes: SPS supports multiple session schemes based on SSL ID, mini-cookies, device IDs for mobile devices, URL rewriting, IP addresses, and schemes from Session Scheme API
Mobile device coverage: Cookie-less session schemes and SPS's in-memory session storage provide a solution that extends to include mobile devices
Intelligent proxy rules: Allow configuration of different paths for fulfilling client requests based on characteristics such as requested virtual host, URL string, or HTTP cookie content
Access control for HTTP and HTTPS requests: SPS enables flow control of HTTP and HTTPS requests to and from destination servers using an embedded CA SiteMinder Web Services Security


Centralized security to block unauthorized user and high network topology
Alternate methods of session management to offer flexibility in supporting mobile devices
Policy driven redirection so users in one group are proxied to one Web server and other users are proxied to a different Web server
Reduced cost of ownership because single sign-on and federated identity are aggregated in one component

CA User Activity Reporting

Simplify user activity and compliance reporting. Reduce cost of proving compliance, while improving efficiencies in fulfilling user and system activity compliance audits. Automate the management, collection, normalization and archiving of logs across the IT environment. Streamline IT activity compliance reporting and investigation processes. Deliver rapid time-to-value with a soft-appliance log management solution that can be quickly deployed.