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Roll out virtual desktop environments quickly and efficiently with CA Virtual Desktop Automation for Vblock Platforms, which is designed to streamline and automate the delivery of virtual desktops as a service. Comprised of CA Process Automation and CA Service Catalog, this solution contains out-of-the-box content and integrated pre-packaged workflows.
This solution offers a self-service portal and service catalog with native multi-tenancy and preconfigured, automated workflows and service definitions, service offerings to manage lifecycle of virtual desktops, flexible, on-demand provisioning for customized virtual desktops, and service metering and billing that supports fixed pricing, a billing and financial reporting engine and integrated chargeback.


CA Service Catalog

Define business and IT services in an easy-to-manage web-based service catalog using value-oriented business language
Create a single point of contact using a familiar shopping cart for all user requests based on role
Native multi-tenancy maps the enterprise and enables multiple provider/consumer businesses
More efficient publishing of catalog using over 200 included best practice service definitions, workflow templates rules, reports, and forms for user data entry
ITIL Content Pack includes best practice process documentation and pre-built actionable workflow content for request or service catalog management
Manage expectations with built-in request SLA service level agreement tracking and reporting
Speed user requests, validate data, reduce errors, and enable automated tasks with the built-in form designer
Analyze and present vital information required for effective enterprise IT management with the business intelligence enterprise reporting engine
Enhanced request automation controls, including assignment and automatic delegation, alleviate administrative overhead and provide greater flexibility

CA Process Automation

Orchestrate provisioning of virtual desktops on Vblock Infrastructure Platforms
Provides repeatable and extensible automation and orchestration for Vblock Infrastructure Platforms
Automate routine, time-consuming manual or scripted tasks, including approvals based on business rules and fulfillment activities
Integrate with a large number of solutions from CA Technologies and third-party tools with connectors for operating systems, workload managers, systems and network managers, and service desk tools
Increase IT operational efficiencies across departments and tools
Enhance delivery of services and increase user satisfaction through faster time-to-service delivery
Improve operations through process auditing and tracking
Control costs by reducing manual and redundant efforts for fulfilling service requests


Change IT to a proactive strategic business partner

Together CA Service Catalog and CA Process Automation enables businesses to become a proactive strategic business partner by communicating their value in terms of services delivered, to meet or exceed expectations, improving customer relationships, reducing costs, gaining efficiencies, and making better decisions with financial insight.

Define business value, set expectations, and improve delivery

By publishing the virtual desktop offerings in CA Service Catalog, businesses create a single point of entry into IT, including a full portfolio of available IT and business services. Business users know exactly what services are offered, price of the services, and timeframe for delivery. This sets expectations, enabling increased user satisfaction, and enables IT to define its value to the organization.
Service request SLAs permit the definition and monitoring of virtual desktop and other service fulfillment, from entering of a service into a shopping cart to the completion of all request tasks. Users know the expected timeframe of service delivery before making a request. Built-in request reporting enables administrators to focus on those request activities that are not meeting commitments, to support continuous improvement of processes and to enable operational excellence.

Help reduce the cost of fulfillment, reduce manual efforts, and alleviate errors

CA Service Catalog and CA Process Automation orchestrate service requests. Process orchestration enables automation of complex compound or bundled services such as virtual desktops and employee on boarding activities that include touch points to multiple functional groups or external vendors. This helps reducing manual labor costs, enables parallel tasks, and speeds ability to provision physical, virtual, and cloud-based services.
Both solutions also enforce business rules and policies, such as approvals and data entry requirements. For example, service request forms can be pre-populated to reduce errors. Also, automatic routing of a request to the appropriate manager is based on validated user-entered data. The result is an enablement of IT governance best practices and also enforcement of business policies over services.
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