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ACTenviro is a nationally recognized environmental and hazardous waste management company and one of the top 100 recyclers in the United States, having been founded in 2000. Small enterprises, municipal, state, and federal government entities, and well-known international Fortune 100 companies are among our 2,500 clients. At ACTenviro, they are always looking for new ways to help their consumers and employees reduce environmental impact and maintain healthy communities.

Problem Statement:

ACT Enviro is looking for integrated systems for smoother business operations and to extend the solutions to its end customers through an easy-to-use portal, as the systems are either disintegrated or are cumbersome to use. There are over 1000 customers, and the method of operation (high touch, and offline) takes more time and effort to manage business processes and communication across customers. The goal is to enable ACT Enviro to achieve continuous real time visibility by using integrated systems.

Our Solution and Phased Rollout

After deep research, and several conversations with ACT Enviro, Vast Edge suggested analytics and machine learning driven smart reports using data warehouse. The bedrock for this phased approach is the novel technology which will drive the goal of continuous improvement using automation and streamlined digitization methodologies.

Warehouse & Analytics:

By using warehouse and analytics, we perform continuous posture management, audit, and analytical dashboards for ACT Enviro's ecosystem.

  • Fully integrated business management using data warehouse and analytics
  • Automated data captures from underlying platforms
  • Highly configurable Dashboards
  • Rich analytics and Machine Learning driven smart reports
  • Configurable access management

ACT Enviro Portal management

It includes the maintenance of the partner portal including the addition of reports for portal management.

Cloud DevOPS

This track will include maintenance of the entire cloud infrastructure for

  • Cloud Networking
  • Cloud Security
  • Microsoft NAV
  • EnviroWare
  • Backups
  • Restore (Manual restores limited to 5 per year)
  • Upgrades (database - limited to 2 per year, Tomcat - 2 per year, Weblogic 1 per year)
  • Patching (2 per year for Weblogic/Tomcat, 2 per year for Oracle Database)
  • Oracle database management
  • Tomcat server management
  • Load balancers
  • Weblogic management
  • Data Integration using ODI
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Linux and Windows Operating Systems (limited to 10 servers)

ACT Enviro Website / SEO

It includes maintenance of the website and search engine optimization, including:

  • Website hosting
  • Website management portal
  • Website on page SEO and off page SEO advice / recommendations
  • Website blog site hosting
  • Monthly reports on keyword rankings
  • Adding conversion tracking for Google, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Collaborate with ACT Enviro on optimizing press releases and articles


  • Fully integrated system for smoother business operations.
  • Enabled ACTenviro in achieving continuous real time visibility by using integrated systems.
  • Rich analytics and Machine Learning driven smart reports by using warehouse and analytics.

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