Business Situation- Details about problems

The company COKEVA, ran into a frequent failover in EBS on-premise concerning cloud storage, EBS migration, DB migration and access to EBS on-prem. The former pact was contracted out for IT management but had assayed ill-fated with no more advanced sagacity in cloud technology. Standing in desideratum of a more efficacious solution, the company hunted a managed cloud service provider who could address its needs and equip a cost-efficacious solution.

Our Solutions

Vast Edge offers a cloud-predicated solution by deploying an EBS DR cloud setup on Oracle cloud setup distributed by a dedicated technical support team. EBS DR cloud setup deploys technologies utilities as
Vast Edge migrated their system from on-premise to Oracle Cloud within a few days. In order to improve application performance, increase its availability, responsiveness and consistency, Vast Edge migrated the on premises applications to Oracle Cloud.

  • Active-Active DR-Vast Edge elongates Active-Active DR for implementing accommodations like Golden Gate Cloud Services along with cloud architecture & implements like Java Cloud Services, DB Cloud Services, Storage Cloud Services.
  • Reporting And Mobility- Vast Edge provides Integration Cloud Services includes process cloud and forms and mobile cloud services cost $0.0014 per message per Hour.
  • Lift & Shift On-Premises Licenses Into Oracle Cloud-Vast Edge offers a cloud computing platform along with a platform cloud BYOL leveraged from Oracle.
  • Velocity Program And Contract Review-Vast Edge plies an Oracle cloud adoption program in a cost-effective, easy to use manner for end-users with required cloud tool and estimated support for 12 months. Through Vast Edge, Oracle subsidizes Velocity program first 200 Hours of services for free.
  • NetSuite Backup-Vast Edge conducts a process of DB backup leveraging NetSuite Backup Services.