Problem Statement

For COKEVA, mobility and reporting were a big concern. Data replication for 24x7 availability and business continuity was also a major issue. COKEVA also required a mechanism to safeguard against single point of failure for mission-critical workloads.

Our Solutions

After thorough research and analyzing the use cases, Vast Edge suggested APEX for ADG, Disaster Recovery in the cloud, along with Mobility and Support. Based on our discussions regarding the run Dev / Test and Production environments, we suggested configuring a specific set of custom-developed tools including GGCS, JCS, DBaaS & Storage Cloud for DR & ICS (Forms, PCS and Mobility) for COKEVA's reporting and mobility needs. We also provisioned for dedicated support for 12 months.

  • Active-Active DR-Vast Edge orchestrated Active-Active DR for implementing services like Golden Gate Cloud Services, Java Cloud Services, DB Cloud Services, and Storage Cloud Services.
  • Reporting and Mobility- Vast Edge integrated automated monitoring leveraging cloud services that include process cloud and forms and dedicated reporting through mobile cloud services that cost just $0.0014/message/hour.
  • Lift & Shift On-Premises Licenses into Oracle Cloud-Vast Edge offers a cloud computing platform along with Cloud BYOL features leveraging Oracle Cloud's expertise.