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Over the last 75 years, Monterey Mechanical has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and respected construction contractors in Northern California. Monterey Mechanical specializes in complex water/wastewater, industrial facilities, metals fabrication and installation, HVAC, and odor control projects.

Problem Statement:

As MSSQL for P6 is coming to an end of life, customers have been moving to Oracle database to maintain business continuity. Migration from P6 MSSQL brings a lot of challenges including version compatibility, licensing dynamics, and technical skills required for a smooth transformation. Vast Edge understands that Monterey Mechanical is looking for migrating their primavera environment to Oracle database, and we helped them accordingly.

Our Approach

The migration process begins with a cloud readiness assessment, during which we gather information about your current system, evaluate potential upgrade/migration consequences, and make recommendations for next actions. We get your production database, upgrade it, install web components, run data validation / data integrity check, construct job services, and then send the upgraded database to the Cloud Service team to load into your Cloud Service environment based on these recommendations.

Vast Edge activities will include the following tasks:


Oracle Cloud Design


Provision Oracle database SE2 license with first year support


Hosting P6 and ongoing support for on prem and / or cloud


Ticketing and CRM application, install, provision, and maintenance


Migration & upgrade:

  • Setup networking
  • Install & configure Oracle database
  • Install & configure weblogic server
  • Enable regular backups
  • Upgrade, patch, for database and app server


  • Exporting Primavera Projects to P6.
  • Importing P6 XML into Oracle P6 EPPM Cloud.
  • Time-Saving, as with the Cloud you can get more work done in less time with fewer resources.
  • Vast Edge worked with Monterey Mechanical's team at every phase to ensure a successful migration to OCI.


  • All legacy structures are migrated with minimal possibility of data loss.
  • IDatabase migration process is developed and supported by Oracle.
  • Total migration time is minimal resulting in minimal downtime.
  • User specific preferences and layouts are retained. Users and user preferences will not need to be manually created in the new environment.

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