Stinson Orthopedics Cloud-Based Medical IoT Device Case Study by Vast Edge

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Stinson Orthopedics, a medical device industry, was looking out for a cloud-based service provider assisting them in managing its business needs. Since founded in 2014, offers proven orthopedic medical devices with highest quality manufacturing standards at the lowest cost benefiting all health care stakeholders. The California based company deploys a hyper-efficient operating model that eliminates all non-value-added legacy industry costs and shares 100% of the savings in lower prices to providers.

Problem Statement

Since Stinson Orthopedics hosting many clients by direct or website contact, having trouble to host their knee and hip surgery parts and software on platform. The company needs a scalable hosting platform and integration software for accounting. There were many goals of the project covering various magnitudes such as real-time availability, on-time, and under budget solutions. Demanding a secure and cost-effective solution needs its business data managed on the cloud platform.

Our Solutions

Vast Edge follows a pre-planned procedure for managing oracle cloud services leveraging cloud computing, networking, connectivity and governance.

Stinson Orthopedics


The client got cinched of a flexible and scalable solution as per business requirements.

Enables quick deployment and go to market on oracle cloud.

Vast Edge migration services with a fast, secure, flexible and cost-effective solution.

The project processes on-time and under budget.

A scalable enterprise-class DBaaS and JCS platform automatic backup offered.



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