Executive Summary

Support in streamlining supply management, ensuring backup of critical data, faster performance, and use of the latest technology. This is how moving to Cloud helped viaMD

The Challenge

viaMD used legacy software due to which the following challenges were being faced:

  • Overhead of buying different services and keeping track of the logistics.
  • Not getting timely support for their systems.
  • Continuous Need to Upgrade outdated systems with current technologies.
  • No Data backup was established.
  • Slow performance of the Database due to no maintenance and tuning.

The Solution

After studying their system architecture, their current applications, and the underlying infrastructure, Vast Edge recommended migrating to Oracle Cloud as the optimal solution. The entire system was migrated to Oracle Cloud (implementing JCS, DBaaS).

The Result

  • System upgraded to the latest technology.
  • Getting prompt support (24/7) for any environment-related issue.
  • Reliability - In the event of a failure, self-healing systems are already at work, and disaster recovery is handled by the service.
  • Access to critical information anytime, anywhere, making the stakeholders, decision makers life so much easier !
  • Faster performance as the Cloud optimizes the speed/query time and reduces processing time.
  • Time-Saving, as with the Cloud you can get more work done in less time with fewer resources.
  • They can scale their operations anytime without worrying about the infrastructure.
  • Cost saving and budget flexibility - you can scale up and down as per the business need with the Cloud.