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Case Study: Wally's Natural migrated their Workloads from on-premise to Oracle Cloud thereby achieving high performance and high availability

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Executive Summary

Wally's Natural has been all about providing environmentally responsible, quality products that help their consumers take time for themselves, and live a better life. To keep this objective going Wally's needed a high performance, available and scalable Application that will give a much better experience to their Customers.

About Wally

Natura is an interior borticultural design, installation, and maintenance firm servicing all major markets in Texas. Tbey care for PLANTS & PEOPLE witbin tbe built environment. Tbeir purpose and passion are to create environments wbere PEOPLE TbRIVE and Natura does tbis by designing innovative ways to reconnect people witb nature. Tbey incorporate live plants, green wall systems, and boliday decor packages in tbe spaces wbere we live, work, learn, and play.

The Challenge

The most challenging aspect with Wally's application was its Performance, Availability, and Downtime. Other noticeable challenges were

  1. No disaster recovery implemented as a result of which Reliability was a question mark.
  2. Largely dissatisfied with the quality of the service from their previous service provider.

The Solution

Vast Edge Inc assessed their existing Infrastructure, applications, integrations, data, operation processes, backup policies and then recommended that they move their application to OCI (Oracle Infrastructure Cloud). Vast Edge migrated their system from quest to Oracle Cloud within a couple of days.

Below activities were performed:

  1. After Cloud Assessment, the Migration plan formulated ensured reduced downtime for CUT OVER execution and zero business disruption.
  2. The entire system was migrated including migration of Active Directory, MS SQL DB, and other applications to Oracle Cloud
  3. The successful migration ensured; Improved application performance, high availability, responsiveness, consistency, disaster recovery, and scalability with cost benefits

The Result

  1. Zero disruption migration
  2. Zero data loss while migration
  3. Improved performance on the Cloud platform
  4. Improved Application performance and high availability of the application
  5. Vast Edge's responsive managed support helps Wally's to manage the critical application and data efficiently

"The seamless shift of the applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by VastEdge Inc has improved application performance, increased availability of the applications with Zero Downtime.""