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Case Study: Widget Enhances Marketing Communication and Social Media Integration by migrating from AWS to Oracle Cloud Platform.

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Case Study - Widget Communications


Executive Summary

Widget achieved considerable performance improvement after migrating and consolidating their platform from AWS to Oracle cloud. They were also able to attain over 50% cost savings after migrating to Oracle cloud.

About Widget

Widget is the first company to be able to transform images into real time mobile communication through the these images. The platform does not require for the customers to reveal their personal details such as phone number and email. The platform has built in AI to communicate in context where the multiple parties know what the subject is before starting the conversation.

The Challenge

Widget was experiencing several challenges while on AWS cloud and was unable to launch the product successfully. They kept on running into multiple issues time and again such as performance bottlenecks, integration issues across multiple software technologies ranging from postgresql, mongodb, mysql, and dynamo. AWS components forced them to use multiple software products that made their system more complex. The customers were seeing delayed messages and were unable to get a unified view of social media interactions, messages, and calls. This all resulted in customer dissatisfaction and eventually loss of accounts.

The Solution

Vast Edge Inc assessed their mobile application, messaging platform, calling modules, social media integrations, and suggested an integrated and simple platform. The five databases were consolidated into a single scalable database with high availability. The middle tier was consolidated from multiple technologies to java platform with full redundancy and caching. The messages were encrypted end to end to serve their legal and health care customers.

To improve application performance, increase its availability, responsiveness and consistency, Vast Edge implemented caching at multiple levels using Oracle database, java cloud, and digital assistant.

The Result

  1. 500+ user signup's in less than 6 months
  2. Improved Application performance over AWS
  3. High availability of the Application using Oracle enterprise database and java cloud
  4. Higher Scalability at 50% reduced cost over AWS
  5. 24/7 Support from Vast Edge Inc that helped Widget efficiently manage their critical application and data
  6. Widget Case Study - Press Release

The Oracle Cloud platform is enabling Widget with improved application performance, increased availability of the application, and easier third party integrations. Also, the 24/7 responsive support from Vast Edge's Cloud Managed Support Services has increased their customer satisfaction.