Our Solution

Vast Edge provided a cloud-oriented solution leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accommodates all the changes while used Oracle APEX to for apps and dashboard configuration.

  • High-Performance Cloud Environment- Vast Edge utilized high-performance cloud platform deploying advanced modern technologies like Bare Metal Cloud Service and OCI BYOH along with Edge Accommodations like Email, DNS, Load Balancer for multiple locations.
  • Customizable Dashboard- Vast Edge configured a dashboard with well-developed implements with pre-configured themes and templets for faster deployments leveraging Oracle's cloud native app development platform APEX.
  • Secure Database Migration- Vast Edge integrated the DB migration with virtual machine and block storage deploying Boot Volume Migration and Data Volume Migration.
  • Backup& Disaster Recovery-Vast Edge created an RMAN backup for DB instances and uploads to OCI object instances.
  • Block Volume Restore-Vat Edge helps to restore block volume snapshots on OCI.