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Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) is an integrated suite of application that ensures smooth carrying out of clinical trials in pre-defined time and cost. It also supports clinical research studies that are conducted in institutions across geographical locations. CTMS provides a broad range of functionality strengthening the conduction of both oncology and non-oncology trials.

Vast Edge provides cloud-based CTMS resource management, planning, performing and reporting functions in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. Our custom deployed software further ensures participant contact information tracking and administers deadlines & milestones compliances.

Why Clinical Trials Management Software?

Deliver Improved Patients Experience

CTMS enables enterprises to provide the best possible patients experience by inculcating quality care and technology.

Simple Screening

It has the ability to do basic screening online checking eligibility of patients for a particular study. It further compiles information at a single place to ease out the enrolment process.


Proper Visit Schedule

The study protocols enable CTMS to pull up the available appointments within the follow-up window automatically that let patients know their next appointment.


Constant Communication

It ensures easy communication with patients by pulling their required contact information out keep and keep them connected with email or SMS.


Improved productivity

CTMS allows easier control of operations and strict adherence the procedure as well that helps reduce costs.


Visit Management

CTMS lays out procedures that manage visits throughout the trials and creates visit checklists for ensuring visit coordination.

Effective Study Monitoring

CTMS provides necessary tools that facilitate timely, accurate, and cost-effective monitoring processes for research studies and prevents quick fall into disarray.

Dynamic Calendars and scheduling

CTMS helps in the monitoring all the schedule visits by providing information about the scheduling window and the last visits.


AE and SAE Tracking

It carries out AE, SAE tracking, monitoring and recording events for all parties and ensures 24x7 data availability.


Enhanced Trip Reporting

CTMS provides greater functionality for visit queries report and enables users to quickly complete trip reports.


Visit Report Queries

It provisions users query monitoring, visit reports and view and extract data information at moment's notice.



CTMS provides an application of one centralized ecosystem that helps collect information in one location and monitor all processes in all locations.

Billing Compliance

CTMS takes the guesswork out of the billing to ensure compliance and helps rule out billing challenges for Medicare. It also ensures that all sites and departments comply with the appropriate billing information.

Shared Documents and Definitions

CTMS delivers a doc-share feature that helps ensure compliance and broadly distribute a billing coverage document.


Define Workflow

It delivers an efficient billing review workflow that rules out a recipe compliance-related issues on billing and budgeting for infant enterprises.


Centralized Billing Information

CTMS offers centralized billing grid that helps summarise decisions around MCA costs and their justifications in one location.


Enhance Efficiency

The auto update feature in CTMS adds efficiency and reduce compliance-related issues like seamlessly integrating billing grid information with an EMR system.


Productivity Management

It enhances the productivity of employees and delivers quality insights for hassle-free decision making.

Financial Management

CTMS provides a comprehensive and lightweight tool that helps overview the budget in-a-fast fashion for sophisticated tasks for managing budgets and payments correctly and on-time.

Financial Forecasting

CTMS creates the entire schedule of study of collected data to make a prediction of the costs for beginning any clinical trial process.


Financial Management Tool

It allows visibility of financial needs and conducts an easier calculation and justification of the costs to the sponsors.


Additional Sales and Marketing Opportunities

It brings in advanced technology in the clinical trials that enhance sales opportunities.


Time Savings

CTMS delivers a time efficient solution by providing all documents and information online. This helps professionals avoid the duplication of data and the pile of documents associated with the trials.


Configuring Software

It offers a more adaptive and customizable software that enables sponsors and CROs to conduct their clinical study in resonance with the protocol and the pre-sets rules.

Why Vast Edge for CTMS?

  • Vast Edge helps schedule key dates for 'first patients first visit' plus offers the facility to re-schedule automatically if needed.
  • With the CTMS tool, Vast Edge provides high visibility in the progress plan at all levels and manages it to avoid all potential problems and delays.
  • We deliver a cost-effective method for clinical trials with CTMS that avails streamline the effort and cost associated with trial management.
  • We provide CRAs support during monitoring visit for entering monitoring details, an automatic produced trip report and upload updated information to the system.
  • Vast Edge helps reduce study build time by easily studies with no training required and conduct study, design, build and data management if needed.
  • Vast Edge ensures high quality data by deploying real-time validation and edit checks and easily edit forms mid-study for accommodating protocol amendments.
  • Delivering a real-time reporting solution, Vast Edge helps to track all studies from beginning to end and offer extremely visibility into study health with the dynamic dashboard.
  • Vast Edge provides world-class expertise and ongoing support from the central study team and site conducting data entry in less than 30 minutes during business hours.

Why opt for cloud-based Clinical Trial ManagementSoftware?

  • Improved Study Control

    Cloud-based CTMS enhances clinical trials information such as user views and permissions, and trial location requirements. It also encourages faster decision making by delivering real-time monitoring of tracking of data.

  • Cost Efficiencies

    CTMS offers a cloud-based data solution that helps reduce and manage IT costs and rent storage space for the servers. Besides, the time-savings features attribute to cloud computing translate into cost-savings.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Cloud-based CTMS enables digital reporting that helps deliver top-quality data for risk-based monitoring and real-time-availability of data without transferring data lag time.

  • Multi-device access

    Cloud-based CTMS enables a physical location of the study that ensures data access by any devices like a mobile, laptop, tablet and workstation.

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