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What is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

A CASB provides enterprises with a critical control point for the secure use of cloud services across multiple cloud providers software as a service (SaaS) apps are becoming pervasive in enterprises, A CASB can consolidate multiple types of security policy enforcement security policies enforced by a CASB include authentication, single sign-on, authorization, credential mapping, device profiling, encryption, tokenization, logging, alerting, and malware detection and prevention.

A CASB has multiple use cases for the enterprise:

  • Block malware
  • Secure shadow IT
  • Secure Data
  • Continuous security compliance of critical resources in OCI
  • Automated anomalous behavior detection with smart policies
  • Governance of privileged activities
  • Vulnerability detection by monitoring configuration drifts
  • Proactive remediation and unified incident management

  • Detect anomalous behavior of users that may result in insider threat
  • Compromised accounts that may result in malicious resource usage
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    Oracle CASB provides a robust built in incident management functionality. This ensures that any alert that is generated by CASB is tracked and appropriate action taken. Additional integrations with incident management solutions such as Service Now are also provided.



    Oracle CASB helps detect misconfiguration of various OCI components such as:

  • Compute Images and Compute Instances
  • Networking and Load Balancers
  • Identity Users and Groups
  • Database Systems and Object Storage
  • Further, with Smart Policies, customers benefit from the abundance of security expertise built by experts. These policies are automatically turned off for each customer to ensure predictable and consistent security across all OCI resources.


    A Tour of the Oracle CASB Cloud Service Console:

    Get familiar with the major screens and the functions they provide in the Oracle CASB Cloud Service console.

    • Incident Management Provider
    • Administrator Management
    • Threat Intelligence Provider
    • SIEM Provider
    • Risk events
    • Reports
    • Incidents
    • Users
    • Threat Management
    • Manage IP Addresses
    • Policy Management
    • Configuration
    • Applications
    • Dashboard
    • Threats
    • Jobs

    How CASBs work:

    There are two key ways that a CASB can work. It can be set up as a proxy - either a forward or a reverse proxy - or it can work in API mode using cloud providers' APIs to control cloud access and apply corporate security policies. Increasingly CASBs are becoming "mixed mode" or "multi-mode," using both proxy and API technology. Both of the approaches have its own pros and cons.

    Forward Proxy

    A forward proxy can be used for all types of cloud applications and all data passes through the proxy, but to use a forward proxy you need to install self-signed certificates on every single device that accesses the proxy. This can be difficult to deploy in a distributed environment or one with a large number of employee-owned mobile devices.

    Reverse proxy

    A reverse proxy system is easier in that respect because it is accessible from any device irrespective of the location, without the need for special configuration or certificate installation. The drawback is that a reverse proxy can't work with client-server type apps, which have hard-coded host names.

    API-Based Systems

    API-based systems are also easy to deploy. However, there is a drawback and that is the range of cloud applications. These systems work adequately with limited resources because not all cloud applications provide API support Proxy or API architectures. The CASB has ability to perform different actions with various implications as how it delivers the four pillars of the specific cloud service.

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