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Unified Data Integration Across Hybrid Workflows

While most of the companies are still amazingly on-premise, the need for cloud data integration to efficiently manage data mobility has been ranked among the top priorities for strategic initiatives at big enterprises. Data integration using hybrid cloud platform offers mature business capabilities to run their process on-premise with SaaS advantage.
Cloud powered data integration across hybrid workflows provides a unified approach to distributed data computation across multiple cloud platforms. Businesses wishing to apply tight security over identity propagation can avail cloud services to control their SOAs in the connected network. Data integration on hybrid cloud platform offers the advantage of Software-as-a-Service capabilities.

Leverage Hybrid Cloud Technology to Grow Your Business

Hybrid cloud integration services have also become popular among the progressive business players to apply innovative data analytics. Classifying in a broader manner, these services use the underlying architecture of the latest cloud computing technologies like PaaS, BaaS, DraaS, and iPaaS. VastEdge provides businesses with a unified cloud integration platform that is designed from ground up to offer high performance multipoint channel communication. A complete spectrum of our cloud data integration services addresses the key benefits of adaptive hybrid cloud environment.

- Seamless integration of social, mobile, and collaborative business applications on cloud and on-premise.

- Reduced SaaS modelling complexity to improve B2B cloud iPaaS and SOA capabilities.

- Accelerated service availability through hybrid cloud computing mechanism for one-to-one and many-to-one application integration.

- Meeting end-to-end functionality requirements for a data-driven strategy in decided timeline and budget.

- Middleware-as-a-service in hybrid environment offers extended platform for cloud-to-integrator and cloud-to-cloud communication.

VastEdge Cloud Integration Services

VastEdge offers enterprise-grade integration cloud services leveraging cutting edge technology solutions that eliminate the typical SaaS silos and deliver more value from your cloud investment. Our strategic business alliance with leading cloud technology providers is the mainstay of our customers' success in transforming their business with predictive data analytics and deep learning techniques.
Oracle Fusion: Oracle Fusion is a comprehensive platform that supports integration of business applications on cloud or on-premise. This integration service offers Oracle's SOA, data and business project management functionality powered by Oracle cloud.
Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure empowers the network connectivity from anywhere. Azure ExpressRoute is a high-performance Microsoft cloud solution that offers the capabilities of BizTalk services to build secure private connections using proactive analysis approach.
SAS Integration Technologies: SAS Integration Technologies delivers a simple way to integrate intelligent applications with SAS platform. It uses standard based communication mechanisms and offers unified support capabilities that reduce the cost and complexity from analytics deployment related to third party web application server.