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Integration Adapters

Although integration complexities have increased with applications residing on multiply clouds, the availability of pre-built adapters and tools have reduced the integration costs to enable and maintain these integrations.

One of the painful processes for any organization to analyze and see data on centralizing location wherein identical data are stored in multiple locations, or straightforward processes are unable to be automated.

Business processes and software's such as blockchain applications, ERP systems, CRM applications, Business intelligence applications, Payroll, billing, and human resources systems typically cannot communicate with one another to share data.

Integration Adapters provides a critical foundation for the Product, providing a Unified Connectivity Architecture, facilitating the integration of information from several on-premise, legacy, and cloud-based applications and systems into a Service Oriented Architecture.

They enable the creation of Reusable service assets that publish to and extract information from disparate Cloud and On-Premise Applications. An adapter allows two incompatible interfaces to work together and exchange information in duplex mode.

Vast Edge provides an ecosystem by means of integration adapters (connect multiple discrete systems without coding) so that different business applications can communicate with each other and share data. With pre-built integration adapters, customer can save time and cost.

Add workflow diagram for Integration adapters. While developing integration adapters, we make sure that the following point are incorporated as best practice -

  • Common Design Pattern
  • Cyber Security Enforcement
  • Available in widely used programming languages
  • Light Weight and easy to configure
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