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Oracle Cloud CLI Installation

Here are the steps to install CLI on Windows:

  • Open the PowerShell console using the Run as Administrator option.
  • The installer enables auto-complete by installing and running a script. To allow this script to run, you must enable the RemoteSigned execution policy.
    • To configure the remote execution policy for PowerShell, run the following command.
      Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  • Download the installer script:
    Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile install.ps1
  • Run the installer script with or without prompts:
    • To run the installer script with prompts, run the following command:
      iex ((New-ObjectSystem.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

      ...and respond to the Installation Script Prompts
    • To run the installer script without prompting the user, accepting the default settings, run the following command:
      install.ps1 -AcceptAllDefaults

Setting up the Config File

Before using the CLI, you must create a config file that contains the required credentials for working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You can create this file using a setup dialog or manually using a text editor.

Use the Setup Dialog

To have the CLI walk you through the first-time setup process, use the oci setup config command. The command prompts you for the information required for the config file and the API public/private keys. The setup dialog generates an API key pair and creates the config file.

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