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Are you facing trouble in managing multiple instances or tenancies of your content? Are you worried about the security of your content? Do you need a unified window to access and manage all your enterprise related content? If the answer to any of these is yes! Cloud Content Management System (CMS) is a one-stop solution for all your content-related queries. Enterprises, across the globe, are moving rapidly Cloud CMS as it provides a unified platform to manage your content while eliminating the need to download any software or hardware.

Why Cloud CMS?

  • Seamless Connectivity with Apps

    Cloud Content Management offers APIs to seamlessly connect you're your systems and mobile devices. Vast Edge has developed 100+ custom cloud APIs to ease out the CMS connectivity.

  • Security & Compliance

    Be the content be structured or unstructured, Cloud Content Management by Vast Edge addresses data residency and authenticity requirements.

  • Flexibility & Agility

    Cloud CMS provides real-time sharing of files, stress-free project management and online storage of data for accessing it from any device and anywhere.

  • Enhanced Workflow

    Cloud CMS provides a seamless and collaborative platform to leverage AI and ML in streamlining your content-related processes.

  • Data Governance

    Cloud CMS enforces compliance across various types of files for easy and hassle-free maintenance.

Content Management Systems offered by Vast Edge are

E-Commerce Content Management System

E-Commerce Content includes material such as tutorials, social media, user-write posts, product description, blog posts etc. These are created for attracting potential customers over an electronic connection.
E-business CMS offered by Vast Edge helps in managing the exchange of products and services between businesses, groups and individuals using an electronic network connection. It includes services like mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transactions processing, EDI, inventory management system and automated data collection system. Vast Edge's integrated package of E-business CMS includes:

  • Gathering and using demographic data through web contacts and social media.
  • Marketing to prospective and established customers by Emails or Fax.
  • Online shopping websites for retail sales on direct customers.
  • B2B electronic data interchange.
  • B2B buying and selling

Web Content

Web Content is a key to drive traffic for a website that helps publish enterprises information or services in the form of textual, aural, visual content related.

  • Vast Edge provides an easy and successful navigation site that ensures engaging content and organise it into various categories.
  • Website and web-based communication help enterprises drive their businesses, build their brands and connect with new clients.
  • Web content enables enterprises to support the creation and deployment of digital experience across touchpoints.

Enterprise Content Management System

Enterprise content management system by Vast Edge delivers and implements strategies that help enterprises in managing effective and critical business information.

  • Vast Edge offers alone software bucket that encompasses many enterprise analyses like accounting customer services and human resource.
  • It can capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information supporting key enterprise processes through its entire lifecycle.
  • Enterprise CMS captures abridges to enter into the system i.e. manages what customer needs and how it can benefit them.
  • It stores data in-home data structure for creating formal content management or information solution. It ensures the delivery of information to the right people.
  • It stores data in home data structure for creating a formal content management or information solution. It ensures delivery of information to the right people.
Cloud-Based Content On-premise Content
Offers a use-price as per user or site basis delivering a SaaS model. Requires staff-in-box that assists users to manage and implement.
Efficient, nimble and agile system to allow employees to work from any place Needs on-premise storage systems to manage.
Cheaper installation and maintenance. Costly as hardware installation is required.
Real-time upgrades and automated handling of technical issues. Manual intervention is required.
Highly scalable Limited scalability

Benefits of Cloud Content Management Systems:

Content Collaboration

It leverages merging, distribution and consumption of content within a managed and secured enterprise environment. The significance and value of cloud-based content enable enterprises to drive an effective and digitally integrated workflow. Even mobile devices get assist to store, share, distribute, edit or wipe content delicacy of enterprises.


Enables teams to avail, share, distribute and discuss important corporate content to drive business decisions.


A secured network delivers a real-time participant collaboration and interaction with IT admins for quick issue resolution.


Reduce time-to-market and foster innovation allows members to access, gather and manage necessary knowledge.

Integration Content

It is enterprise information that provides knowledge of multi-cloud services integrated with internal and external systems. The critical information provided by CMS based on customers' needs, strengthens the company client's relations. Cloud integration assists landscape A2A and B2B scenarios, the latter specifically addresses cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud applications.

Service Content

It is a content storage service that helps capture client content, standardize the format of that content, sometimes host the content, and continually update the content to reflect the latest additions, modifications, or deletions. It also manages and provides reference data information to the Data Integration Service and to the Developer and Analyst tools.

Financial content

Financial content delivers an accurate, real-time analysis and reporting for cost prediction that automates cloud resource consumption tracking and spends. An in-depth financial chapter helps modernize your business workflows while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Accelerating client on-boarding, assists leverage secure file-sharing, document portals and workflow automation to provide better customer service.


Ensuring content compliance and governance, manage all of your content to ensure compliance and other key regulations.


Financial content enables mobile advisors, agents and claims adjusters that let field staff work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Resource Content

Resource content management provides visibility to cloud resource management of virtual resources such as application, server, storage, and network. It is highly useful in the financial industry, where transparency is critical, and in manufacturing, where accurate user guides and help documents are a key part of overall quality control. Resource content layouts essential priority in healthcare, government contracting, and other industries with specific reporting requirements.

Governance Content

It deploys a set of rules, protocols and processes that helps define an enterprise for identifying, creating, publishing, maintaining and archiving business content. Datastore, manage, access, archive, and distribution are leveraged. Governance content assists ensure business services and resource are managed in accordance with organization policies.
Security Content: It outlines strategies that help identify and minimize the potential risk to web servers using CMS. Security content creates an intended audience that is lone responsible for developing and securing websites or web applications using CMS.


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