SAP ERP Core Finance

Ensure financial compliance and growth with integrated Core Finance ERP processes enabled by SAP

Further your company's success by managing spending, optimizing resources, complying with financial reporting requirements, capturing growth opportunities and streamlining financial operations better than the competition with integrated Core Finance ERP processes.
Streamline and automate financial operations while complying with regulations
Gain real-time insight into overall performance
Integrate processes from various applications for a single version of financial truth
Reduce cost of goods sold (COGS) and maximize profitability
Analyze customer behavior and sales to quickly identify and seize new opportunities
Operate in multiple geographies, industries, and languages all consolidated in real time

What's Included

Accounting and Financial Close

Run compliant, real-time financial accounting processes more quickly, more accurately, and more efficiently.
Record all financial processes in a comprehensive general ledger
Support multidimensional reporting and accounting standards
Accelerate financial accounting that is integrated with processes in real time
Get legal and management consolidation from the same application
Reduce time, risk, and cost of financial reporting with real-time data analysis

Management Accounting

Ensure sound decision making with reports that provide detailed profitability and margin information, down to customer and product level.
Improve forecasting and planning accuracy
Integrate management accounting into all operations Allocate and analyze costs by project, order, cost center, or business process
Evaluate the profitability of markets, channels, products, and customer segments
Proactively plan for and manage global business performance, profit, and growth

Travel Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of every business trip from pre-trip approval to online booking, expense reporting, and data warehousing.
Gain control over budgets, manage costs, and enforce compliance
Manage travel plans using company-specified pricing and preferred suppliers
Remove the cumbersome processes of expense capture, accounting, and reimbursement

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