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Realize the business value of connectivity.

Internet of Things

(IoT) is a growing global network of smart devices, ranging from mobile phones to motor vehicles to utilities meters and beyond. With wireless connectivity, app-like functionality and the ability to store and transmit large amounts of data, these devices are making the efficiencies of the Internet available in all sorts of unexpected new places.

The IoT will create remarkable business opportunities for innovative organizations. Specifically, it will help companies maximize customer retention by delivering a better post-sale experience via:
Gathering valuable real-time data on how customers use products and services
Delivering value-added services to customers via a range of new channels
Creating greater efficiency in industrial complexes (the "Industrial Internet")
However, realizing the opportunities created by the vastly increased connectivity of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and the extraordinary amount of "big data" generated by IoT will create unprecedented development, integration, security and management challenges for enterprise IT.

Lead the way with IoT APIs.

APIs are becoming increasingly important to IoT because they enable smart devices to transmit the information they collect to other devices and reuse it in a variety of complementary applications. The inherent complexity of IoT will mean that ensuring security and scalability for these APIs will be a more complex proposition that it has been in Web and mobile scenarios.
Therefore, in order to leverage APIs to facilitate IoT-based integrations, organizations will need access to the most cutting-edge API management and security technology available. This technology will need to manage API security and performance at vast transaction rates. It will also need to process and translate between the emerging protocols used by smart devices.
CA API Management delivers a truly industry-standard, IoT-ready API management solution. The fast-growing scale of IoT can seem daunting, but with CA Technologies at the center, enterprises can deploy secure APIs, create scalable M2M networks and make sense of the big data stores generated by smart devices.

Make Internet of Things Real: Connect, Transform, Reimagine.

SAP solutions for the Internet of Things provide everything you need to continuously generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices to optimize your business processes and automate operations. This is made possible by the unique ability of SAP HANA platform to monitor, analyze and automate your business in real time.


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