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As an IT leader you know that the cost of protecting data is minor compared with the cost of not protecting it. In a challenging economy, Imation helps IT and finance management work together to protect your company's data and your bottom line.

A paradigm shift in data protection.

The move to virtualization and cloud storage is forcing data centers to rethink their approach to protecting data. Complicating matters, most applications and operating systems now provide built-in tools for added protection. All these changes may lead you to ask which solution is best for our organization.

The growing challenge: extreme data.

Exponential data growth and long-term retention are creating ever-increasing corporate demands that are pushing traditional data protection methods to their limit.

Who's got your backup?

The need to build a backup infrastructure to support unprecedented data growth and ever-shrinking SLAs, while still allowing greater visibility and control, can be challenging. How can you deploy a cost-effective, reliable and scalable storage solution to meet the demand?

How to find the right solution.

A well-founded data protection solution starts with determining the value of an application when it's running, and understanding the impact when it stops. The process of classifying company data should be included in any corporate disaster recovery plan to ensure your data protection plan is as efficient as possible.
Once all the components of a data protection plan are in sync, your customers can feel more confident about the likelihood of recovering their data, should the need arise. But recovery is easier said than done and can be even harder to test. That's why we work with you to eliminate any gaps in your data protection plan.

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