Vast Edge DRaaS Plan to Tackle Ransomware Attacks

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Vast Edge DRaaS Plan to Tackle Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is one of the most disastrous cyberattacks that weaken network configuration and becomes threats for the businesses. Vast Edge helps you to prevent against these threats by strengthening your access credentials. We also provide an affordable DRaaS plan to safeguard business data in the event of system failure. Vast Edge provides quality SLAs on disaster recovery plans for your data to be backed up and kept secret and secured in the cloud. We empower customers to take safe and immediate responses and focus on long-term future and the survival of businesses in the event of a disaster of system failure. Moreover, Vast Edge's DRaaS plan helps SMBs to neutralize the threats of ransomware effectively and safeguard the physical and virtual system with a functionally redundant environment.

DRaaS helps businesses of all sizes protect their business data and applications from data theft and allows business continuity even in case any disaster occurs. It also improves your existing services via remote infrastructure management services and ensures high uptime through proactive measures. The well-thought-out recovery plan simultaneously deploys a backup plan to restore all stealth or deleted data and provides a working infrastructure to ensure business continuity and set up and operate applications ready in use.

Why Vast Edge for Cloud-Based DRaaS?

Vast Edge provides SMBs with a compelling DR solution with an immense value preventing them from being the victim of ransomware-like cyberattacks. We also allow customers to develop a roadmap of building a flexible and responsive structure aligned with the existing process by using the digital environment. Let's have a quick look at a few reasons to choose Vast Edge:


Overall Cost-effective

Vast Edge helps businesses to save money on its DR solution in the long run. It works beyond the unavoidable investments in different types of software and doesn’t require a tool for storage and security. Moreover, it eliminates the need for leasing space for a secondary data centre.


Customized according to Business Needs

Vast Edge’s customers can avail custom solutions for managing their data in an efficient manner. DRaaS experts can help you get custom and tailored solutions for disaster recovery solutions that fit your business requirements.


Time-managed Solution

Spending hours looking for viable applications and disaster recovery provider equals draining down the money; Vast Edge helps the customer save a lot of time by providing exceptional DRaaS solutions for your business.


No Need of Physical Storage

Vast Edge DRaaS doesn’t deal with storing anything and put data centre at a safe and secure location in the cloud. Integrating with third-party requires no physical storage and delivers a good experience with all storage solutions.

Vast EdgeTreatment on Ransomware Attack

Vast Edge assists SMBs battle against ransomware attacks by providing comprehensive incident response procedures. Vast Edge helps customers to generate alerts in response to these attacks and manage enhanced security control. The key capabilities of it are:

  • Foundational security over the first line of defence measures to validate links before clicking them and verifying the identity and legitimacy of senders.
  • Strong firewall protection and MFA, along with enterprise-level credentials and randomized intense admin password strengthen security control.
  • A clean, safe and ransomware-proof environment minimizes downtime and its impact on business.
  • Strong group policies help end-users in reducing ransomware attacks with unique password enforcement.

Vast Edge DRaaS Plan

Vast Edge provides SMBs with a DRaaS plan to protect their business data and applications in the event of a disaster, system failure or ransomware like cyberattacks. Some important features of our solution are:

Recovery Monitoring : The real-time monitoring objectives at the database and application level and alerts offer primary and DR subsystem alerts on DR solution. Vast Edge delivers an alert for RPO deviation and disk space-level support policy-based actions. We also allow users to manage a single dashboard to track DR readiness status and focus on improving the weak areas.

Recovery Automation : The recovery automation lets users start, stop and track recovery work-flow for every application with estimating the time for failover recovery. Vast Edge helps reduce custom development significantly and speed up the deployment to bring excellency in DR solution integrating with third-parties.

DR Drill Automation : Vast Edge deploys DR Drill Automation to leverage a switch-over and switch-back work-flow for industry-standard applications.

Replication Management : Our replication management helps to preserve multiple files attributes and copy open files in the system. It supports third-party products to integrate the heterogeneous technologies and Unix symbolic links.

Framework Capacities : It provides high availability and disaster recovery of DRM to avoid failure. Vast Edge offers a role-based secure access control while integrating an application environment and configuration monitoring.

Third-Party Technology Support : It provides supports for all major physical and virtual platforms. It comes with pre-packaged support for several software products including database and storage replicators.

About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solution

Vast Edge is a Global Gold Partner of Oracle and Hybrid Cloud Solution Partner. Vast Edge offers Business Intelligence, big data analytics, cloud ERP, IoT platform, enterprise backup and disaster recovery, Blockchain, Zero Downtime Database Migrations, AI/ML, and Integration solutions.

Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle services including ERP implementation, integrations, migrations, data analytics, and application development. Vast Edge was recently recognized as the top velocity partner and is also a certified Oracle cloud select managed services provider. Visit our website to obtain more information about services and resources.


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