EMC Cloud Computing

To help businesses analyze, store and manage their enterprise information, VastEdge now works hand in hand with EMC?2; to carry out the process in a more efficient and cost-effective way. EMC?2; is a global leader in enabling service providers and business corporations to deliver IT as a Service. It helps IT departments to carry out their day to day operations smoothly through its innovative cloud computing solutions.
It enables industries including communications, finance, retail, health care and more to build their information infrastructure by maximizing value of digital information at lowest prices.

EMC Storage Virtualization Technology

Big data solutions

provided by EMC?2; help it's clients in extracting the real value of their enterprise information thereby maximizing its value in business terms. These solutions help small businesses drive quality and efficiency to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and experience. As competition grows these solutions make organizations adapt to changing market needs in order to satisfy their business clients.

Deployment of IT as a Service gains a new dimension with EMC Corporation. EMC's flexible storage solutions help industries reduce data storage complexities and manage their unstructured data more efficiently. By providing it's powerful storage options; EMC efficiently manages massive data storage and delivery to help business run smoothly.
Backup, recovery, and archive solutions provided by the company are compatible with any virtual environment and enterprise application to improve operational efficiency. These solutions are efficient enough to facilitate fast responses to generated requests. Companies High-end security solutions provide protection from advanced malware and prevent phishing, Trojan attacks and other cyber-attacks occurring in online channels. Real time analyzing technology of these security products detects cybercrimes easily thereby guaranteeing high security of end-user systems.

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