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Mobile Network Security

Business workforce is on the move, as are the critical business applications they rely on to stay productive. Delivering high-performance apps to mobile and remote users any of whom are bringing their own devices to the network aquires dynamic, flexible, and powerful security.

With F5, businesses can secure access to applications and data from anywhere while protecting applications wherever they reside. F5 delivers an intelligent services platform that integrates application delivery, monitoring, and context-based policy enforcement. Get a highly scalable, extensible, and simplified approach to maximizing security.

Protect business data center

Conventional firewalls are failing in the face of increasingly complex Internet threats. F5 application delivery firewall solution which brings together business network, apps, data, and users under a single security strategy provides ICSA Labs-certified, network-layer protection with a much higher connection capacity than conventional firewalls. And it's the first firewall at the edge of the network that can inspect traffic while monitoring health of data center it protects.

Secure business apps

Applications and data face new threats from attacks that pose increasing risks to business. F5 provides a flexible, ICSA-certified web application firewall and comprehensive, policy-based web app security to address emerging threats at the application level.

F5 solution

lowers maintenance and management costs, and increases confidentiality, availability, and integrity of apps, network, and processes.

Streamline secure access

Demand for user access to applications and data from any device and any location puts corporate resources at risk. With access security from F5, businesses get centralized, flexible access policy control that provides comprehensive protection and keeps users productive. Manage access control efficiently while accelerating application access for mobile workforce up to 5x.

Protect against DNS attacks

DNS attacks that attempt to hijack DNS query responses and redirect clients to malicious sites are on the rise. In the past, businesses had to choose between high availability of global server load balancing and DNSSEC protection. In addition, CPU-intensive process of validating DNSSEC could slow responses and lower productivity. Today, a complete DNSSEC real-time signing solution from F5 delivers security, improved performance, and global availability in a single device.

Block DDoS attacks

DDoS and other sophisticated attacks can knock out organization ability to do business at any time. At the network, session, and application layers, F5 provides advanced protection to defend against a broad range of denial-of-service vectors. F5 solutions deliver tremendous scale, deep application fluency, and contextual intelligence required to block massive and targeted attacks while maintaining application and network availability for legitimate users.

Security for Service Providers

Attacks against networks are increasing at an alarming rate, and organizations are trying to manage proliferation of devices, traffic, cloud-based services, and evolving security threats. F5 offers service provider security solutions that help protect entire infrastructure, from data center to the core network, and scale to perform under demanding conditions. By leveraging its intelligent services framework, F5 brings together network, applications, data, and users, to give security solutions that traditional firewalls and point solutions do not offer.

Protect and consolidate 3G and 4G services infrastructure

With its S/Gi firewall solution, F5 offers the highest performing and most scalable firewall for 3G and 4G deployments. Organizations can deploy multiple critical services like CGNAT and traffic steering along with security on the same platform eliminating point solutions. This enables them to ensure protection, deliver high performance, and reduce costs across entire Gi and SGi services infrastructure.

Scale up to defend against large attacks

Existing security infrastructures are often overloaded by large attacks with overwhelming force and perhaps multiple attack sources. F5 solutions protect data center from more than 30 different DDoS-style attacks and defend core network against SYN flood and port scan attacks. With F5, businesses get a native, high-performance,ICSA Labs-certified solution that scales to perform under the most demanding conditions.

Ensure service availability

When business network is experiencing issues, service calls increase and customers are less satisfied they may even find another service provider. F5 protects entire infrastructure with a multi-tiered security framework that ensures high service availability despite increasingly varied attacks.

Gain flexibility to manage evolving threats

Attacks that will threaten business network in three years may not even exist today. Businesses need a stateful, full-proxy firewall that provides Layer 4-7 control and adapts as fast as threat landscape. Using F5 iRules scripting language, businesses can define and deploy new protocol and security functions in a matter of hours and days rather than months. And get access to a developer community of more than 100,000 users for rapid-response security efforts.

Reduce deployment and operational costs

Why use up to 10 boxes to scale up when one is just enough? With F5 security solutions, service providers can handle millions of concurrent connections and higher throughput on a single appliance. Now have less hardware to deploy and manage, resulting in reduced capital and operational expenses.

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