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Cloud Technology is rapidly making its way in enterprises' architecture management across the globe. As per research, 90% of enterprises are already using cloud-based systems in some way or the other for handling their day-to-day business. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the third-largest cloud service provider offering one of the most promising growth rates in the last couple of years. Do you know that Google provides its cloud service in 200+ countries (the largest for any cloud service provider)?

Vast Edge is a privileged Google Cloud Service Provider and has migrated 100+ projects based on Google's cloud platform. Since 2004, Vast Edge has assisted a wide variety of enterprises to be it start-ups or Fortune 50 in smooth cloud migration. On top of that, Vast Edge has been listed in Forbes as one of the most successful MSPs aiding businesses in their cloud journey.

Why Vast Edge for Google Cloud Platform Migration?

Hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility

Experts at Vast Edge follow "your applications, your choice" model for migration to develop your architecture-specific solution. We set up all of the on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments while meeting the industry regulations with minimum changes.

Modernized Legacy Applications

Vast Edge reduces the business downtime while migrating systems to the cloud by leveraging cloud-native applications. Through Apigee, Google's API offering, Vast Edge encapsulates the new services with existing ones while keeping the legacy back end intact.

Layered Infrastructure

Vast Edge integrates software using rigorous security practices to detect and respond to threats to the infrastructure from both internal and external threats.

Intelligent monitoring and control

Leveraging the inter-connection of G-Suite, Vast Edge enables you to gain real-time control of your data, empowering you to make all the "calls" related to the data.

Privacy and Transparency

Our security experts use cryptography-based multi-layered authentication and authorization to add-on access control at an abstraction level and enhance inter-application communication.

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud-based SQL is a fully functional and easily customizable data storage solution that is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. Vast Edge automates backups, data replication and ensures latency in your database to maintain top-notch performance. USP of Vast Edge in Cloud SQL Migration is:

  • Our cloud experts manage easy-to-integrate relational databases to ensure effective communication across all your devices.
  • Vast Edge's SQL solution let you connect with any application built for MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server, without any hassle.
  • Our cloud engineers integrate cloud solutions with your workstation, Applications, and Kubernetes to establish risk-free management.
  • To make your system more secure and compliant, Vast Edge integrates AI and ML in data encryption at rest and in transit while setting up Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for stress-free connectivity.
  • Vast Edge uses standard drivers and built-in migration tools that allow enterprises' system up and running in minutes.

Google Firebase Integration

Google Firebase for cloud architecture leverages App Engine free tier bucket to get your system up and running in no time. Vast Edge establishes a real-time updating and sharing of data across platforms by integrating Firebase and GCP architecture.

REST API for Secure Remote Access

For securely accessing data on a server, Vast Edge offers parallel libraries along with JSON and S3 congruous XML RESTful API. Besides, for altering the script or performing administrative tasks, our experts also integrate a command-line tool.

gsutil for Advance Operations

Vast Edge encapsulates a CLI tool i.e. gsutil for conducting advanced tasks like moving files across directories, listing buckets & objects and cross-location deleting of files.

Google-Cloud Server SDK

Vast Edge offers top-notch server SDKs for GCP products including Cloud Storage and libraries like are Node.js, Java, Go, Python, PHP, and Ruby.

Firebase Crashlytics

For error reporting, our experts assemble groups of comparative stack flow to register custom events for automated redressal of crashes and saves troubleshooting time.

Google Cloud Platform Backup and Disaster Recovery

According to research, 96% of businesses face database corruption or outage once in a period of 3 years. Vast Edge can help you avoid this unexpected failure by integrating Backup and Disaster Recovery plans into your database. Vast Edge is leading Cloud MSP offering top-grade industry-standard Backup and Disaster Recovery services to aid you in handling all those tough encounters. Disaster Recovery (DR) solution offered by Vast Edge cover two distinguishing features:

Data Backups

Vast Edge's data backup solution makes a buffer by copying a discrete amount of data to handle any data related disaster. In case of any data outage, our experts ensure that your enterprises' data remain synced to a DR environment while keeping the production up and running. Data backup solutions by Vast Edge have a small to medium Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and a small Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Database Backups

For Database backups, Vast Edge offers recovering to the point in time solution. This feature mirrors the system configuration like version and disk configuration as it was at any specific time. Our DR recovery solutions inculcate a high-availability-first approach to reduce the recovery time while enhancing the availability of the database server.

Vast Edge focuses on enterprise-specific strategies for regularly backing up of data from on-premises to Google Cloud. Here is a list of top-notch services and products that Vast Edge uses to build the DR solutions:

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Vast Edge runs a script through gsutil, the CLI interface, to automate the backup process to Cloud Storage for the client's database. Vast Edge generates a dedicated service account key in JSON format to pass automated credentials. In case of any devious database outage, you can upload all backups just by copying the service account key to the on-premises machine to recover your database.
  • Cloud Integrated Access Management (IAM) Policy
  • Vast Edge restricts your cloud architecture form illegal access to the bucket and its objects including Cloud entities and Compute Engine instances. Our experts let you assign roles for individual users which are similar to bundle permissions allowing users to perform actions on the cloud database.
  • Cloud Tiered Storage
  • Vast Edge integrates your on-premise system with third-party solutions to ensure better integration in case of data backup and recovery strategy. Our cloud solutions use a tiered storage pattern for faster storage.
  • Cloud Interconnect
  • For implementing tiered storage, Vast Edge uses a partner gateway between the on-premises database and cloud architecture. We keep a backup of the transaction logs helps to keep your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) values small.
  • Our cloud experts encapsulate artificial intelligence and machine learning for automated and dynamic replacement of database instances. The key feature of it includes:

    • Version correction of database servers.
    • Reconfigure client's database server in event response.
    • Persistent disk for tracking backup and transaction log files.
    • Applying Cloud security controls to the recovered database server.

    About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

    Vast Edge offers a customized range of secure, reliable and optimized industrial cloud-based solutions to cater to the current and future needs. We have our expertise in designing end-to-end business solutions across diverse functional domains. Vast Edge is leading with a competitive edge in the market for our best-in-the-industry products and business solutions.

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