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NetSuite ERP Incentive Compensation Management

Easily Manage Complex Commission Plans to Drive Corporate Goals

Managing complex incentives is extremely difficult. Fast-growing companies struggle to maintain manual, legacy or home-grown systems that lack the flexibility required to model, implement and manage a modern and complex incentive compensation strategy. Accurately predicting, administering and tracking variable payouts is key to your corporate performance strategy and growth.

NetSuite provides an easy-to-use incentive compensation solution to address the challenges of creating and maintaining complex multi-tiered commission plans. NetSuites incentive compensation management lets you quickly deploy sales commission programs aligned with the needs of your business and provides the clear overview of incentives for sales reps.


Improve Retention

Reduce overpayment risk and shadow accounting while improving retention by reducing sales commission errors and making accurate, timely payments.

Increase Productivity

Improve sales operations productivity with simplified compensation management.

Motivate Sales Professionals

Easily create new sales incentives and provide real-time visibility into commissions.

Optimize Sales Commission Spending

Dashboards and reports provide visibility into some of your largest costs the sales commission budget allowing you to optimize sales commission spending and effectiveness.


Flexible Incentive Compensation Management

Configure sophisticated sales commission rules based on quotas, sales, quantity, profitability and other criteria; set flexible commission schedules; make changes to sales compensation plans as required; and, support a global sales force with NetSuite OneWorld, using multiple currencies to payout commissions.

Complete Back-office Integration

Simplify integration with NetSuites order management by reducing manual processes and errors. Streamline back-office processesfrom sales commission calculation to paymentthrough integration with NetSuites premier payroll service, or with your existing payroll solution.

Improve Sales Visibility and Alignment

Allow salespeople to forecast their earnings and see commission reports integrated into their sales dashboard; simplify compensation management for your channel; and, ensure that sales, sales operations and finance can monitor sales trends, quota performance, attainment distributions, summary and detailed compensation using role-based, real-time dashboards and reporting.

Sophisticated Commission Rules

The commission can be calculated based on a linear scale, a marginal scale, a target factor or no scale at all. While a linear scale uses the total value of the order, the marginal scale allows portions of the order value to determine the payment. With the target factor, a linear scale is used to set a single schedule to allot a percentage.

Set up for Split Commissions

Enables to determine the payout for each team member and split commissions between multiple sales individual involved in the transaction based on their contribution percentage in the sale.

Adaptable Commission Approval Processes

Ability to provide manual rides during the commission approval process, credit or debit towards the next pay cycle to handle the over and underpayments, and start of commission calculations after the approval of sales order all make the commission approval process flexible and adaptable.

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