Global healthcare industry is continuously evolving with an unprecedented growth over the last few decades. It has witnessed a dramatic change in customer lifestyle and behavior, market dynamics and industry regulatory demands. As the guidelines for the use and disclosure of patient's health information in US are set as per the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Act) standards, any healthcare provider or pharmaceutical company that deals with Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) need to ensure secure data exchange and workflow distribution in compliance with HIPAA Security Rule. Entire healthcare industry is striving to follow these guidelines by adopting advanced cloud technology solutions for connecting patient care such as Unified Communications, Big Data, Mobile Applications, Social Media, and Open Source.


VastEdge Healthcare IT -What we provide?

Today, the industry regulatory framework governing the healthcare business domain has become more rigourous, making it mandatory for healthcare business players to collaborate with expert healthcare IT consultants, in order to monetize their untapped growth potential. VastEdge offers proven excellence in healthcare technology processes with its vast expertise in deploying profitable IT solutions that assist them in keeping up with latest industry standards and streamline clinical workflow in accordance to regulatory mandates. VastEdge provides a wide range of IT solutions and services across all healthcare industry segments to its clients across the globe.

With extensive capabilities in advanced healthcare technology, a broad and, footprint partnership with world's leading IT companies, VastEdge enables healthcare services providers and payers accelerate innovation in their ecosystems to deliver best-in-class solutions and unmatched cost advantage to patients. From healthcare strategy to technical feasibilities and operational improvements, Vastedge is shaping a new age of healthcare ecosystem by providing transformational medical technologies and services.


Connected Health: Gain Business Advantage While Connecting Patient Care with Technology

A significant opportunity in the evolution of the U.S. health system from volume- to value-based care (VBC) is under way, spurred by widespread efforts to control/reduce costs, improve outcomes, and obtain more value for money spent. While this evolution impacts all health care stakeholders, VBC's future depends most heavily on physicians, due to their integral role in health care delivery.

We empower healthcare service payers and providers by enabling them to count on rapid adoption to Healthcare IT solutions that work in compliance with HIPAA regulatory standards. VastEdge Connected Health Software delivers high performance digital healthcare services with the benefits of simplified, agile and secure EHR delivery. Learn more about Connected Health

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