Global insurance industry is continuously facing big challenges on several fronts - operational costs are rising, demands are reducing, losses are increasing. This situation is compounded by the rapidly evolving customer buying behavior and highly competitive market. Insurance companies are making technology investments to reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide best-in-class customer service. Entire insurance industry is striving to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by adopting advanced technology solutions such as Powerful CRM, Unified Communications, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, and Open Source./p>

What we provide?

VastEdge understands that complexity and unpredictability are big challenges in insurance industry. With decades of experience and big a portfolio of IT service, we help insurers converting these challenges into numerous opportunities. We collaborate with insurers to help them plan and implement the complicated business and operational changes needed to reduce costs, manage risk and accelerate profitable growth.


SAP for Insurance

SAP for Insurance solutions provide the advanced claims, policy, and billing management capabilities insurers need to improve efficiency, profitability, and customer loyalty. Solutions from SAP enable insurers to implement best-in-class business processes, optimize reinsurance processes, and gain sophisticated functionality for statutory reporting. SAP for Insurance simplifies the world by digitzing insurance business end-to-end.

The comprehensive SAP for Insurance solution portfolio, together with our leading business support and analytical applications, helps optimize insurance business processes. Benefits of SAP Insurance Solutions -SAP solutions provide a comprehensive insurance enterprise platform that improves customer interactions,core operations, and overall finance processes through:

  • Consistent customer experience across multiple channels
  • Accelerated response to customer trends and buying habits
  • Reduced loss-adjustment expenses from an integrated, complete claims process
  • Improved time to market for tailored insurance productsc
  • Increased ability to monitor compliance with industry regulations
  • SAS-Insurance-Analytics-Architecture-.png

    SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture

    Inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate data spread across multiple operational systems – such as policy, claims and billing - often leads to business decisions based on "gut feel" rather than reliable analysis. What if you could consolidate data across the organization and make it easily accessible for analytics and reporting, so you could ensure consistency, reduce costs and data preparation time, as well as enable users to make fact-based decisions? You can.
    SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture is a flexible, reliable and complete solution that eliminates the piecemeal approach of linking and managing technologies from different vendors, and provides lower overall cost, reduced risk and faster results.

    Benefits of SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture -

  • Deliver information that's consistent, accurate, verifiable and up-to-date.
  • Access to the data you need, when you need it.
  • Gain a complete, integrated view of all your enterprise data.
  • Structured information to all who need it.
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    Salesforce for Insurance

    Insurance carriers and intermediaries are navigating difficult market conditions. Fortunately, smart technology choices can help them adapt and increase agility. Leaders like Allianz, Aon, and USAA are using to transform their businesses in the cloud. Salesforce insurance industry solutions and the platform are helping streamline processes and better manage their relationships with customers, brokers, and agents.'s pioneering cloud computing solutions for insurance make it easy to run your business and build powerful custom apps, all without software, hardware, or the up-front investments and long implementations of traditional on-premises software. That lets you focus valuable resources on your core business.
    Salesforce insurance industry solutions and the platform help insurers make the most of their distribution channel, win more business and improve retention.

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