Media & Entertainment


Media and Entertainment

VastEdge aims at providing media and entertainment companies with advanced security solutions to simplify operations, prevent content theft, reduce costs, better understand consumers and improve end-to-end efficiency.
Media and Entertainment companies are experiencing multiple disruptive forces of digitalization, multi-platform content consumption, social media integration and the generation, management and analysis of an immense amount of data and content. This trend is providing companies with the opportunity to adopt newer and more integrated technologies and solutions.

Renew the ecosystem

Digital road map

Convergence compels media and entertainment companies to convert into digital media enterprises. A 'digital first' ecosystem is more responsive to creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and viewers.

Process excellence

Digital-centric processes accelerate time-to-market, boost productivity and minimize costs. Processes should be geared to support video, launch new distribution channels, and introduce new business models.


Content monetization

The shrinking content lifecycle demands rapid monetization. Non-intrusive and programmatic advertising open new revenue streams for media and entertainment enterprises.
Companies are in the lookout for media IT services providers to provide IT services along with consulting services for digitization and data analysis.

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