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Oil and Gas IoT

Driving performance enabled innovation with an uninterrupted flow is a major challenge for the oil and gas industry. Struggling with the art of start, a surge in customer growth had become a challenge from an internal perspective until the emergence of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a unique solution for all the issues and challenges in the ever growing energy sector.

Need and Opportunities

Empowering the Homeland Security System

The unintended national security threats and the consequences of terrorism attacks in the world have led to the evident need of implementing cybersecurity protection and threat zone detection capabilities in the healthcare defence, and public sector. Making forward-looking, proactive decisions requires big analytics like optimization, predictive modelling,text mining, forecasting and statistical analysis to allow the identification of trends, spot weaknesses and determine conditions for making decisions about the future.

Natural Disaster is a Social Disaster

Protection against natural disasters and adopting measures to prevent leakage of toxic elements in the atmosphere have become a paramount concern for ensuring smooth and effective resource management and risk mitigation. To better perform predictive analytics based on change in environment gases over a period of time, the degree of utilization of IT enabled software and services by the energy sector now a days play a decisive role for providing better quality of life and reduced loss of man and money.

Approaching better customer relationship and wellbeing

The advances in technology based monitoring and control systems are required to monitor, analyse, and support every single customer. Since the analysis operations comprises of numerous company's sensors and controllers, delivering a real time big data of measured tracks to thousands data points, the ample availability and significant use of sensor embedded equipment and cloud enabled devices has created a space for the potential to transfigure this industry.

What we provide?

With substantial capabilities in environment monitoring and gas detection technologies, and footprint partnership with world's leading energy sector companies, VastEdge enables oil and gas industries with the best-in- class services to fuel an innovation in their ecosystems along with offering an unmatched cost advantage.
As the means of integrating effects of natural parameters to the change in gaseous components for the analytical and real time monitoring, our designed applications and software solutions have gained notable recognition in the market of Oil and Gas industry.
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Our Benchmarks:

Through built up strategy and accelerated operational improvements, Vastedge is shaping new transformational energy harnessing technologies. VastEdge is the ace developer of the world's first wireless personal real time monitoring software for toxic gases and oxygen, which gives unified delivery of content such as safety alerts in real time across web, tablet, mobile app and calling platforms.

We have designed monitoring software for fire detection applications at the workplace using the Plume modelling to derive the atmospheric dispersion and evaluate parameters of the declared threat zone. Such an endeavor has led to improvement in preventing future emergency risks through historical analysis and real time monitoring.

In the row, we have also built GUI based BioHarness monitoring software to keep check on sensor equipment data, its performance in real time, health condition of workers at a given place.


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