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Java license subscription

As we are all aware, the last free patch for java version 8 was just released. Although this free patch for version 8 will be supported till sometime in 2020, there's no backward downgrade option for those who have already installed or upgraded to Java version 9 (released in September 2017), version 10 (released in March 2018), java 10 (released in September 2018) and java 11 (releasing in March 2019).

The only available alternate options are to rewrite the application in OpenJDK (this option requires additional resources to maintain it), migrate to oracle cloud java platform, or rewrite / migrate to an entirely different software stack. The simplest, easiest, and the lowest cost model would be to purchase a java subscription license from an Oracle partner to maintain business continuity. This license will provide upgrade support and compliance to use java on Desktops, Servers or Cloud deployments. The smaller companies might still be able to have their staff continue with the OpenJDK route, however, we strongly recommend the Fortune 2000 companies to purchase the java subscription.

Java Usage Tracker

Java usage tracker can't be used to track how many java licenses need to be procured. Vast Edge provides services to analyze and right size your java environment and help you save in java licensing costs. Vast Edge is an approved Oracle partner and has been approved by Oracle to sell java subscription to both commercial and public sector clients. There's a small fee for this service that can not only save you money while purchasing license fees, but also document your java usage and potentially reduce your java usage by leveraging oracle cloud platform. As an FYI, the oracle java cloud, integration cloud, analytics cloud, and saas products do not require you to purchase java subscription.

Java Price Guide

Vast Edge has documented information about the java licenses for customers to make informed decisions while purchasing the java subscription. This named user plus guide provides detailed pricing information for desktops, servers, and cloud machines with various flavors of java. As an example, the Java standard edition desktop license costs $2.5 per month and server license would cost $25 per month per processor (list price). Clients always have the option to migrate to openjdk under GPL with no support from Oracle.

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