Business security ecosystem starts here. From software to services, Juniper Networks security solutions stop threats before they can do harm.


Juniper Networks connectivity solutions enable organizations to use same enterprise network infrastructure to securely connect remote and local users and devices, essential technology for enabling initiatives, such as BYOD, that increase employee satisfaction and productivity.


Juniper Networks enterprise network security solutions let IT administrators guarantee consistent security and policy applications across entire data center, including physical and virtual assets, enabling better business agility without affecting performance.

Applications and Content

Juniper Networks enterprise network security solutions ensure security work to protect critical Web-based applications against attacks as well as maintain user-centric, policy-driven, and application-aware, visibility and control with extreme granularity.

Juniper delivers high-performance, scalable, and integrated solutions for securing networks, applications, and access to data across the entire enterprise network ecosystem.

Portfolio is designed to help ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. Juniper products and solutions comprise an integrative ecosystem where network, applications, and access to data are tightly controlled and protected, yet responsive to business demands, such as new web application deployment, data center consolidation management, or a BYOD initiative.

Secure Access

Unified policy management and orchestration for network applications and data access, including policy controls for all devices across a global enterprise network.

Secure Applications

Advanced protection from application-related vulnerabilities and exploits, including web applications attack prevention and intrusion deception.

Secure Networks

High-performance and scalable perimeter defense capabilities that protect both physical and virtual systems.

Management and Intelligence

Comprehensive policy management across the security ecosystem, including log management and analytics from a single pane of glass.

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