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ThinkServer Software: Virtualization

Whether large or small, networks demand a variety of operating systems addressing the needs of virtualization, IT infrastructure, virtual desktop (VDI), and general productivity needs for offices and computing environments. Trust Lenovo to certify and support a wide range of choices from industry-leading software providers.

VMware vSphere 5

VMware vSphere is the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures that enables users to run business critical applications with confidence and respond faster to their business. vSphere accelerates shift to cloud computing for existing datacenters, while also underpinning compatible public cloud offerings paving the way for only hybrid cloud model. With over 250,000 customers worldwide and support of over 2500 applications from more than 1400 ISV partners, VMware vSphere is the trusted platform for any application.

Consolidate and optimize IT hardware

vSphere enables IT organizations to delay costly and disruptive datacenter expansion projects by making it possible to consolidate 15 or more virtual machines on a single physical server without sacrificing performance or throughput.

Improve business continuity

vSphere helps organizations reduce the cost and complexity of business continuity and disaster recovery with always-on IT capabilities and layered protection against service outages and data loss.

Streamline IT operations

vSphere lowers operational overhead and dramatically simplifies management of large, geographically distributed development, quality assurance, and production IT environments.

Deliver IT as a service

vSphere is the only virtualization platform that gives customers the power to realize benefits of cloud computing while maintaining security, compliance and complete control over corporate assets.

VMware vSphere 5 With Operations Management

vSphere with Operations Management combines the worlds leading virtualization platform with best-in-class management capabilities. This new solution enables users to gain operational insight into a vSphere environment while optimizing capacity. As vSphere environments continue to grow, users need proactive management that can deliver monitoring, performance and capacity information at a glance. This detailed analysis enables users to get the most out of the virtualization platform by reclaiming unused capacity, rightsizing virtual machines, improving utilization and helping to increase consolidation ratios. Supporting more than 3,000 applications from more than 1,650 ISV partners, vSphere provides the broadest choice for virtualizing business-critical applications.

Improve application performance and business continuity

vSphere with Operations Management supports even the most resource-intensive applications to guarantee SLAs and availability. It reduces cost and complexity of managing business continuity and disaster recovery with always-on IT capabilities and layered protection against service outages and data loss.

Simplify IT operations at a lower cost

vSphere with Operations Management lowers operational overhead and dramatically simplifies management of development, quality assurance and production IT environments that are large and geographically distributed.

Gain operational insight

vSphere with Operations Management enables IT to respond to performance trends proactively. It collects and analyzes performance data, correlates abnormalities and identifies the root cause of building performance issues.

Optimize capacity

vSphere with Operations Management makes it easier to manage and optimize capacity planning. Unused virtual machines can be reclaimed, and underprovisioned virtual machines can be right-sized, helping to make most efficient use of resources.

VMware vCenter

VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized and extensible platform for managing virtual infrastructure. VMware vCenter Server, formerly VMware VirtualCenter, manages VMware vSphere environments allowing IT administrators simple and automated control over the virtual environment to deliver infrastructure with confidence.

Provides centralized control and visibility at every level of virtual infrastructure
Delivers security and availability of vSphere through automated proactive management
Empowers a broad partner ecosystem to extend virtualization capabilities

Consistently meeting business critical application SLAs requires automated proactive management to maximize VMware vSpheres capabilities. Key capabilities enabled by VMware vCenter Server include vSphere vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduler, High Availability and Fault Tolerance. vCenter Orchestrator also gives administrators the ability to create and easily implement best practice workflows.

With automated proactive management, VMware vCenter Server allows service levels to be met by dynamically provisioning new services, balancing resources, and automating high availability. Automated proactive management enables.

Expand Capabilities with Extensible Platform

VMware vCenter Servers open plug-in architecture supports a broad range of additional capabilities from VMware and its partners. Hundreds of VMware partners integrate with vCenter Server enabling new capabilities such as capacity management, compliance management, business continuity, and storage monitoring. vCenter Server APIs also allow integration of physical and virtual management tools, using their choice of enterprise management tools to connect to vCenter Server.