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Widest support for data sources. All in one place. From local spreadsheet data to enterprise data systems to cloud-based data, MicroStrategy provides effortless access to all business data from one place. Use data connectors that are optimized for each source, and allow queries to reach their greatest performance potential.
Connect to one source or many, separately or in combination. Gain the pureplay advantage of superior R&D focus on strong technology partnerships and high speed analytics.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is a core requirement organizations need to survive and compete in the world of big data. It?why MicroStrategy platform provides full scale of analytical sophistication to deliver any business analytics solution.
Take full advantage of pushing analytics through maximum horsepower of databases. Enjoy a vast array of advanced analytics and predictive models in native function library. Integrate easily with open source and standards-based proprietary analytic models. Deliver full spectrum of business analytics to every business user.

An analytic fix for every need

Choose from 300+ built-in analytical functions, data mining algorithms and predictive analytic models. Use in isolation or combine them together. Now even business users and information analysts can create powerful analytics using simple interfaces. Feel empowered to investigate any corner of data.

Best SQL, effortless and automatic

SQL offers powerful analytic capabilities that remain under-appreciated. But crafting complex SQL that runs fast and gives right results requires time and expertise. That?especially true when businesses have, multi-layered questions like affinity analysis. For example, how often does a customer buy product A together with product B? How frequently do patients experience symptom Y after having procedure Y?
MicroStrategy automatically generates state-of-the-art, multi-pass SQL to answer even e toughest business questions, against any data. So sit back, relax and let MicroStrategy?SQL engine do heavy lifting. There?no SQL code required, no scripting languages to learn ?t?all drag-and-drop.

Stunning visualizations for crisp insight

Easily reveal business insight using an extensive set of rich visualizations. Interact with data visually, change visualizations on the fly to suit the analysis, and create several views for comparison. Who said data science has to be dull?

Share and publish with ease

Spread analytics to anyone in organization through any media. Embed analytics inside dashboards, reports and alerts. Make them available through browsers, mobile devices, email, documents and more. Allow teams to reuse, improve, and extend analytics to spur analytical innovation like never before

Big Data Analytics

Solving the biggest data challenges.

Customers with the biggest Big Data needs consistently choose MicroStrategy. According to Business Analytics Research Company?latest BI Survey, MicroStrategy?median customer data volume is 10x higher than the average of the next ten vendors.

MicroStrategy's median customer data volume vs. competitors

Analyze data of all shapes and sizes, located anywhere in the enterprise or beyond, from a single place. Combine multiple sources and present data cohesively. Accelerate business with fast and friendly tools. Make better decisions, faster.

Connect to all data

Give business users one-place analysis to all data spread across the organization. Connect to Hadoop distributions, cloud-based sources, data warehouses, database appliances, and multi-dimensional sources with equal ease. Analyze multi-structured data from a single platform to simplify user experience and increase productivity.

Combine multiple sources

Unify multiple sources of data for one-place querying without moving data. Present an intuitive map-like view of business data to end users abstracting away complexity underneath. Access combined data faster by joining at its source. Glide between data sources when investigation demands. All through simple clicks. All in real-time.

Transform Big Data to agile data

Big Data can move slowly. Even most heavily optimized Hadoop queries may not deliver the speed-of-thought interactivity needed for some uses.
MicroStrategy Analytics intelligently transforms and aggregates petabytes of big data into targeted gigabytes of in-memory data, ripe for agile data discovery. Preserve enough detail to support deep investigation and find business insight, while solving the performance challenges of Big Data.

Business-friendly access, loved by IT

Business needs a simple, friendly interface for speed and ease of access. IT needs enterprise-grade hot, warm and cold storage layers for cost and performance optimization. Use a world-class BI platform that has mastered both challenges to provide maximum flexibility. Seamlessly go from summarizations in-memory to mid-level aggregations in database, all the way to raw detail sitting in Hadoop file systems, at will.

Best performance at every layer

Pull information from Hadoop interactively. Fly through business queries against data warehouse. Combine multiple sources of data in real-time. Discover blazing fast insights from in-memory datasets. Get optimal query responses every step of the way in business investigations.