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Mobile App Platform

What happens when users have 24 x 7 access to all business systems and information? How about amazing increases in productivity and a competitive edge for starters. And, with MicroStrategy solution businesses get great mobile apps in 1/10th the time and at a fraction of cost. Its easiest, fastest and most affordable way to mobilize practically all of enterprise information systems, including data warehouses, BI, ERP, CRM, web applications and more, currently trapped on the desktop. Transform entire business workforce into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce with mobile apps that are 10x more robust than their web counterparts. With access on mobile devices to critical corporate data and systems that drive businesses and people literally have offices in hands 24 x 7.


Build once and deploy new app to multiple devices and iOS and Android operating systems without any application-specific compilation or programming. Dynamic scaling, fit to page, fit to width, combined with pixel-perfect design templates empower any app designer to handle a broad range of operating system versions and aspect ratios.

Quick to develop

Platform enables fast development through powerful engines, including: Analytical, Gesture Interpretation, Internationalization, Performance, Personalization, and Caching. Intuitive design tools demystify the app development process, enabling more people to build apps.

Easy to maintain

All of the apps, building blocks, and their underlying components are stored as objects within centralized metadata. Different objects can easily be reused throughout and across apps, seeding app development. Any changes to an object are instantly reflected wherever that object is used. Making, enhancing and changing business apps are both quick and easy.


Code-free design tools de-skill app development process. App developers therefore require much less technical experience or training to start developing apps, lowering cost of app development.


Extraordinary rotation support lets deciding what users see in landscape and portrait views. Theres no wrong way to hold business information.


As part of its comprehensive 508 compliance, MicroStrategy Mobile is integrated with voiceover capabilities for visually impaired users.

Part of an enterprise-class platform

MicroStrategy mobile app platform contains a suite of developer, administration, and server tools. Enterprise-tested and enterprise-class, these tools help deliver information to over a million people every day. Combined together, these tools and capabilities provide businesses with their own App Factory.
MicroStrategy code-free platform

enables organizations to assemble a wide variety of essential mobile apps that deliver analytics, transactions, and multimedia content. Leverage military grade security, internationalization, in-app collaboration, monitoring, and alerting capabilities in enterprise apps. When mobile needs evolve, build and push out app changes without any recompilation or coding.


Touch-optimized reporting, analysis, and monitoring that enables companies to analyze data stored across their enterprise, helping them to leverage insights that inform better business decisions. Companies choose MicroStrategy for ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability.

Act on information directly from the mobile device

Monitoring organizations performance in palm of your hand anytime and anywhere is a powerful business capability but, interacting with that information to approve requests, submit orders, change plans, and capture information at the moment of insight takes that power to a new level. MicroStrategy Transaction Services lets embedding write-back functionality into documents and dashboards for purposes of decision-making or initiating a transaction.

Use multimedia to engage business audience

Put multimedia in consumer-facing apps and deliver latest promotional videos, commercials, and product endorsements directly to customer. Enrich enterprise apps with how-to videos, guides, and manuals to equip mobile workforce with any type of information they need.

Collaborate within business apps

Want to ask someone a question about information displayed on MicroStrategy Mobile app? Just use Annotate and Share feature to draw shapes freehand or add a comment. Then share annotated screen via email to colleagues without ever leaving the app.

Mobile platform as a service

MicroStrategy Cloud Platform is available as a managed service to companies that want to fast track delivering mobile apps for their enterprise.