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MobileIron Apps@Work is an enterprise application storefront that manages both in-house developed apps and third-party business apps that can be delivered to users. MobileIron inbuilt Enterprise Application Storefront has three primary capabilities- Application Distribution Library, Application Security and Access Control, and Application Inventory.

Why Apps@work ?

  • Simplify discovery of internal apps and approved public apps via Apps@Work.
  • Publish apps to Apps@Work directly from Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores.
  • Access a curated list of IT-approved business apps via an enterprise app storefront
  • Enforce app-level PIN access and SSO
  • Silently push app configurations to mobile devices
  • Consistently enforce DLP policies such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions.

Multi-layered Approach with Per-app VPN

Enabling employees to use their personal device at work

Multi OS App VPN-Tunnel

A key MobileIron end user product, MobileIron Tunnel protects data in the network with multi-OS app VPN, supporting iOS and Windows Phone. The IT administrator effortlessly sets certificate and VPN configuration settings behind the scenes, making enterprise access seamless for the employee.
A layered security approach with per-app VPN technology is a highly effective way to secure your BYOD environment.

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